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Air conditioners with delivery and installation

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Air conditioners with delivery and installation

Even the most expensive model of a household air conditioner or split system will not provide the required level of comfort in the room and will fail quickly enough if it is incorrectly installed. Having chosen the required model of the cooling device on the website of the Sper Slit company, it is enough just to go to the section for the delivery and installation. Installation of the air conditioner by professional specialists will be carried out:

  • In compliance with all norms and recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • Quickly and at a convenient time for the buyer.
  • With the provision of quality assurance for all types of work performed.

At the same time, the warranty obligations of the manufacturer itself are preserved. Modern air conditioners belong to the category of expensive and complex equipment, so you should not neglect this option, entrusting the installation to “garage masters”.

Optimal selection of the air conditioner installation location

The correct choice of the place for installing the air conditioner, especially the indoor unit, will reduce the consumption of energy consumed by it and significantly increase the capabilities of the device to maintain comfortable temperature conditions in the room. If you are lucky cool to buy air conditioner , then order professional installation of the purchased device from the seller, the company "Sper Slit" can be additionally obtained:

  • Consultation on the choice of equipment installation option.
  • Reliable connection of the installed device to the electrical network.

After installation, specialists conduct a test run and set up work with measuring the correct distribution of the air flow over the entire area of ​​the room. You can get more detailed information on how to order the installation of the purchased air conditioner at home using the "Waiting for a call" option on the Sper Slit website.

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