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UMMC will train target teachers for the territories of UMMC presence

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UMMC will train target teachers for the territories of UMMC presence

The Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company signed an agreement on the training of teachers in physics, mathematics, chemistry and other subjects for schools located in the territories of UMMC presence on the basis of the Ural State Pedagogical University. and approbation of network forms of cooperation of educational organizations within the framework of the project "Technopark of Universal Pedagogical Competencies". The UMMC undertakes the material and technical support for the effective training of future teachers, and the Ministry of Education and Ural State Pedagogical University - the organizational, methodological and staffing of the project. Regional Minister of Education and Youth Policy Yuri Biktuganov expressed confidence that with the support of UMMC, students will receive fundamental knowledge, which will allow them in the future, build up and teach schoolchildren. He stressed: “This is a unique experience for the Sverdlovsk region and, I am sure, for Russia. Each of us understands the value of this step, and while building relationships with our partners in the Sverdlovsk region, we are looking into the future - to make the school system in small towns competitive. ”The concluded agreement is fully consistent with the social policy of UMMC on the development of territories of presence - to create all conditions for so that people strive to stay, live and work in their hometown, village, to provide comfortable conditions for them and their children. “We are investing in the future,” noted Dmitry Malyshev, HR and General Affairs Director of UMMC. - Everything we do - we do for the sake of our children. It is very important for the company that talented, motivated people grow up not only in large regional centers, but also in the cities where UMMC operates. After all, if now you do not create conditions for their residents, including in the field of education, monotowns have no future. And it is in our power to balance the process of teaching schoolchildren so that the quality of education does not depend on where the child receives it - in Yekaterinburg or in a remote village. ”

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