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Metalloinvest employees share personal stories of overcoming COVID-19

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Metalloinvest published a documentary film "ISPOVED-19", in which employees of Lebedinsky GOK (part of Metalloinvest), doctors of corporate medical services and the Belgorod Regional Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention shared stories of the disease and overcoming the coronavirus, your thoughts and personal experiences.

The film was shown in the city of Gubkin, where the plant is located, in the collectives of large enterprises in the Belgorod region, government and medical institutions. The picture was highly appreciated by the audience, and also did not leave indifferent users of social networks. In just a few weeks after the release of the film, more than 70 thousand people watched it.

“For more than a year and a half we have been doing a lot of work to support health care in the regions of our presence and ensure the safety of our employees in a pandemic,” commented the Deputy General Yulia Mazanova, Director for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications of Metalloinvest. - A frivolous attitude towards the disease remains a serious obstacle on the way to victory over a dangerous disease. The myths about coronavirus and vaccination devalue the work of doctors and prevent them from returning to their usual way of life as soon as possible. We are glad that the stories of the heroes of the film "CONFESSION-19" resonate in the hearts of people, unite society and help overcome skepticism. "

The project was originally conceived as a series of short videos with stories from people who have had COVID-19. The purpose of their creation was to draw the attention of employees to their own safety in a pandemic. However, in the process of work, it became clear that the sincere emotions and experiences of the participants in the picture must be conveyed in full and it was decided to combine the footage into one film. In total, it took more than one month to create a forty-minute picture.

“This disease brought into my life the first conscious fear of death, and completely turned my idea of ​​life, its values ​​and priorities,” shared Elina Mishustina. director of LLC "LebGOK-Health", one of the heroines of the film. “I don’t want to experience something like this ever again.” I want to see my children as adults and be happy together. ”

The documentary CONFESSION-19 is available for viewing on the official Internet resources of Metalloinvest:

  • Vkontakte
  • YouTube
  • VKontakte LGOK
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