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Is it profitable to buy wholesale cigarettes?

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Benefits of Online Shopping Bulk

Buying tobacco products in bulk through the Kontrabas online store, you can choose the best option at a bargain price. The greatest demand, at the moment, is for Marlboro cigarettes. Buy Marlboro cigarettes wholesale Ukraine at a very favorable price offers a wholesale store of tobacco products "Contrabass". They have several degrees of tobacco saturation and a variety of flavors. Preferred by both men and women. Buying cigarettes in bulk has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Variety of choices. Each consumer will find it to his taste. The store also offers rare brands of cigarettes that are difficult to purchase at retail;
  • Price. Both individuals and individual entrepreneurs are purchased in bulk. This is a great opportunity to save money;
  • Quality. The products are carefully checked before sale, all the necessary certificates confirming the quality are available;
  • Permanent system of discounts and savings. And the assortment in the store is constantly updated;
  • Competent and polite consultants. Specialists in the online store "Contrabas" will advise on the assortment and help with the delivery;
  • Fast delivery in a short time to the door.

What brands of cigarettes are in demand now?

A huge amount of tobacco products are presented in the online store "Kontrabas". The most popular ones like:

  1. Rothmans is a rich and spicy tobacco, the best value for money. The composition includes several first-class varieties of tobacco. Saturation and taste from the very first puff. You can buy Rotmans cigarettes and other brands in bulk from 1 box at the link https://kontrabas .com.ua /sigarety /rothmans /;
  2. Bacio - mostly Italian-made female cigarettes. Large selection of flavors, bright design, pleasant smoke and aroma;
  3. Jin Ling - several varieties of tobacco are used, which undergoes several stages of purification. They have a mild, but rich taste. Production of tobacco products Ukraine;
  4. Compliment - mild taste, medium strength. They smoke easily without causing any discomfort. Medium padding, tobacco and paper smolder at the same time;
  5. D&B - interesting design, good tobacco. Cigarettes use fruity notes;
  6. Fest - excellent tobacco at an inexpensive cost, classic taste without adding additional flavors;
  7. Focus - in the line of carbon filtration, which prevents harmful substances from settling on mucous membranes.

Which strength of tobacco should you choose?

All tobacco products are also divided into types by strength. It is important to pay attention to this, it depends on how pleasant it will be to smoke them. This information is included on every pack of cigarettes:

  • Lungs. Minimal tar and nicotine content. Preferred by those who are just starting their acquaintance with nicotine 0.1 - 0.4 mg;
  • Medium. Balanced tar and nicotine content per cigarette. The largest number of consumers is chosen. 0.5 - 0.7 mg;
  • Strong. The most powerful. Heavy smokers, have tightly compressed tobacco 0.8 0.12 mg.

How and where is it profitable to buy cigarettes?

To order cigarettes in bulk through the online store "Contrabas", for yourself or for sale, you need to use any convenient method:

Call the phone number: +38 063 442 69 44 or +38 099 336 36 34

Send an email to: [email protected]

Delivery throughout Ukraine is carried out by "New mail" or "Delivery", depending on the specified address. In terms of time, it takes from 1 to 3 days.

Payment is available in cash or by credit card. You can pay immediately or upon receipt.

Delivery is carried out from 1 box (500 blocks, weighing 15 kilograms), the cost of delivery is from 120 hryvnia.

Return of goods is possible only in a few cases:

  1. An item of inadequate quality arrived;
  2. There was a violation of the ratio of the ordered goods or its integrity.
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