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The Children's Development Center "World of Discovery" in the residential complex "Makarovsky" was recognized as the best in Russia

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The Children's Development Center "World of Discovery" in the residential complex "Makarovsky" was recognized as the best in Russia

The objects of the developer "UMMC-Developer" became the winners of the summer federal urban planning competition for new buildings - the TOP ZhK award.

The urban planning competition of residential complexes - new buildings TOP ZhK was established jointly by the National Association of Housing Developers and the relevant committees of the RF CCI and RSPP in 2019. This is the largest competition for new buildings in Russia. Every year more than 1,500 residential complexes from almost 1,000 developers take part in it.

In 2021, it was decided to introduce an additional 14 federal nominations of the competition and determine the winners for them in the summer. Most of the parameters for assessing residential complexes are borrowed from the Standard for the Integrated Development of Territories, developed by the Ministry of Construction of Russia and DOM.RF.

According to the results of the federal competition, the business class residential complex "Nagorny" took 2nd place in the "Best Entrance" nomination;

residential area "Emerald Bor "- 2nd and 3rd places in the nominations" The best organization of street retail "and" The best conditions for sports ".

And the business and elite-class residential complex "Makarovsky" became the absolute winner (1st place) in the nomination "Best kindergarten from the developer": experts appreciated the location and on its territory a private center for children's development "World of Discovery". The winner's diploma was presented to the developer by the Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Irek Fayzullin.

The Children's Center "World of Discovery" is unique from an architectural point of view, because it is located in the architectural monument of the early XX century, which we have reconstructed - the building of the industrial laboratory at the mill of the Simanov-Makarov merchants. Secondly, the "World of Discovery" is unique in its content and content - everything from interior design to the content of educational programs developed on the basis of studying the experience of the best kindergartens in the world is carefully thought out.

"Any of our residential complexes is a territory happy childhood. One of our development standards is to create an ecosystem of infrastructure for each project to create a comfortable environment and a cozy atmosphere. This ecosystem necessarily contains everything necessary for the development of a child - environmentally friendly playgrounds, the opportunity to work out in a fitness center with parents, and, of course, a kindergarten or a development center, ”noted Evgeny Mordovin, General Director of UMMC-Developer. - We are grateful to the experts for another high assessment of our residential complexes. And I personally want to thank the person who became the ideological inspirer of the creation of the children's development center “The World of Discovery” - unfortunately, Vladimir Alekseevich Beloglazov, who left us: director for general issues of UMMC, professional metallurgist, public figure and philanthropist. This is his contribution to the development of the Makarovsky residential complex and the whole of Yekaterinburg. ”

“ It took almost two years to create the World of Discovery. But the result was worth the time and effort. We managed to successfully combine the external historical component of the building with the modern environment inside. We have made several groups of laboratories, the space of which can be transformed for leisure and developmental activities with kids 2-3 years old and older children. Soft colors, warm wood flooring, harmony of proportions in the interior, an abundance of objects that can be touched and studied, are designed to help children develop imagination and aesthetic taste, and create psychological comfort. Even the walking area is organized outside the box, with a division by the child's activities: play, cognitive, motor, music zones, a mini-park of plants and others. The main thing is the close-knit team work of designers, builders, planners and ideological inspirers of Vladimir Alekseevich Beloglazov, now deceased, and Evgeny Viktorovich Mordovin. To understand how unique this project is, of course, you need to plunge into this space of childhood, freedom, creativity, functionality, trust and joy, - said Olga Kondratyeva, director of the Children's Development Center "World of Discovery".

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