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CZP continues to automate production

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CZP continues to automate production

At the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex), the installation of a new conveyor continues, which should significantly increase the efficiency of the roasting shop and automate the process of unloading zinc concentrates.

Concentrates brought in soft containers will be unloaded (i.e. that is, taken out of the bags) at warehouse # 2 (currently under construction). Here they will be poured into the bunker, warmed up in winter, and transported along the conveyor to the concentrate warehouse No. 1. From there, after preparation, the raw materials will be sent further to the roasting shop. The conveyor will be protected from bad weather by walls and a roof made of corrugated board. It will be able to transport about 50 tons of concentrates per hour. The length of the conveyor equipment is 238 meters, and the load is lifted by almost 9.5 meters.

“The use of the new conveyor will give a tangible economic effect,” says Andrey Berdov, deputy head of the roasting department. - The fact is that the plant expects a large batch of concentrates from Altai. There is no way to place them in the existing warehouse. In addition, the cars will not need to stand idle while waiting for unloading: due to the new equipment, it will go much faster. During the reception of the concentrate, the conveyor will work without interruption. ”

Delivery of the conveyor is scheduled for October 15 this year. The main work should be completed by the builders in September. The cost of the object will be more than 89 million rubles.

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