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Izhstal labor dynasty was awarded for 200 years of experience

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At the Izhstal plant (part of the Mechel Group), the Vorobyev-Ushakov family was awarded the honorary title of Labor Dynasty of Izhstal PJSC. Her total work experience at the plant is more than 200 years.

The founder of the dynasty, Demid Vorobiev, began his plant biography in 1939. For 18 years he worked as a welder in a section rolling shop. He was awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", he was awarded the title "Honorary Metallurgist." Like his father, he worked conscientiously and responsibly, earned a medal "For Labor Merit" and the title "Veteran of Labor of the USSR". And he brought his wife Zoya to Izhstal, where she worked for almost 23 years as an accountant in a mechanical repair shop.

The third generation of the dynasty - Nadezhda Lozhkina and Nikolai Ushakov - have the longest work experience. Nadezhda Ivanovna worked for 37 years as an engineer for the organization and regulation of labor in the charge processing shop, and Nikolai Ivanovich worked as a foreman at Izhstal-TNP for more than 40 years. Both were repeatedly awarded with letters of commendation and gratitude at various levels, both have the title of “Honorary Worker of OJSC Izhstal.

Nikolai Ivanovich's business is continued by his sons: Andrey and Sergey. Both work at Izhstal-TNP. Andrey has climbed the career ladder in 21 years to the head of the department for the production of consumer goods, Sergei has been working in the same shop for 13 years as a blacksmith-stamper. Andrey found his "other half" at the plant: his wife Natalya has been working alongside her husband as an accountant for almost 17 years.

The celebration of the working dynasty of the Vorobyov-Ushakovs took place on the stage of the Metallurg Palace of Culture. Managing Director of PJSC Izhstal Sergey Kozennov presented family members with a diploma, a genealogical tree of the dynasty and a figurine of Izhik made by the craftsmen of the plant - a symbol of the city of Izhevsk. “The succession of generations of the plant workers is the foundation on which the future of Izhstal is being built,” noted Sergey Kozennov.


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