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Plastic suitcases: features and benefits

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Plastic suitcases: features and benefits

As soon as there is an opportunity to break out on vacation, we are in a hurry to shake off the dust from the suitcase and fill it with things for the trip. However, you often come across the fact that the accessory has lost its previous appearance, cracked or torn. Then it becomes necessary to contact the Dorami online store. The assortment includes modern models from leading manufacturers: Bonro, Fly, Siker, Wings, etc. A large selection will allow you to choose a product that will suit you best.

If you decide to buy plastic suitcase , then in this article we will tell you what to look for when choosing. Since this model is very popular, there are certain variations depending not only on the size, but also on the additional equipment.


A plastic suitcase is a travel accessory for transporting cargo. It has solid walls. The product keeps its shape well and does not wrinkle. As accessories, castors are used, of which there can be two or four. The second option is more practical, since it will be possible to transport things without lifting them, but simply pushing them. In this case, an important condition: the surface on which the suitcase moves must be flat (without bumps, steps, etc.).

The product is also equipped with a telescopic handle that can increase in size when you press a button. If necessary, it can be hidden (for example, when sending things to the luggage compartment).

They make plastic suitcases from quality raw materials:

  1. Polycarbonate, or Makrolon. This is a fairly lightweight and durable material, often used in the automotive industry, so we can conclude about its strength and reliability. These characteristics are at a high level.
  2. ABS. It is a flexible and impact-resistant material characterized by low cost and excellent quality.
  3. Polypropylene. It belongs to the most durable types of raw materials. It is tough and resistant to mechanical damage. These accessories are suitable for transporting bulky and heavy items.

All these materials deserve the attention of the consumer and ensure reliable operation over a long period of time.

Key benefits

Plastic suitcases on the modern market differ not only in the type of material, but also in size. This will allow you to choose both a compact piece for a short trip and a large accessory for a family vacation.

Variation also lies in the colors and decor of the suitcases. A variety of shades and prints makes it easy to get confused when choosing. Therefore, decide right away if you want the attribute to match the color of your suit, or if you prefer to shock with non-standard patterns.

Among the advantages of plastic suitcases are the following:

  1. High resistance to moisture transmission. This is important as it is difficult to predict if it will rain or snow. In any case, things will be protected from negative intrigues of the weather.
  2. Shock absorbing properties. Even if a suitcase hits a wall or other bag in the luggage compartment, the plastic dampens the vibration. This suggests that the model is the best option for transporting fragile items.
  3. High strength. In production, special components are used to ensure excellent durability of the suitcases. The walls are difficult to scratch or otherwise damage.

A plastic product is easy to clean. To keep it clean, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Source: dorami.com.ua

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