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Coronavirus brings 50 new billionaires to healthcare


Scientists who have created vaccines against coronavirus have been most enriched - one developed by Pfizer and the German biotechnology firm BioNTech, and the other by Moderna from Massachusetts.

Coronavirus brings 50 new billionaires to healthcare
Фото: Генеральный директор BioNTech Угур Шахин

According to data Forbes, the fortune of the CEO and founder of BioNTech, German Ugur Shahin, is estimated at 4, $ 2 billion. Not far behind him was the Frenchman Stephane Bansel, who headed the Moderna company in 2011, which increased his wealth to 4.1 billion dollars.

The market frenzy of pandemic fears has benefited Karl Hansen, CEO of Canadian biotech company AbCellera, now worth $ 2.9 billion after its December 11 IPO. Hansen's wealth has been boosted by FDA approval last month for his antibody therapy, which he co-developed with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.

Sergio Stevanato, the president of the Italian medical packaging company Stevanato Group, who manufactures glass vials for more than forty COVID-19 vaccines, is also incredibly lucky. As a result of the pandemic, Stevanato became a billionaire with a fortune of at least $ 1.8 billion.

In total, Forbes managed to find 50 new health billionaires in 2020. The list of newly minted billionaires includes heads of medical companies and investors from China, Italy, India, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Denmark.

The new tycoons hail from 11 different countries, but most of them live in China, the early epicenter of Covid-19, home to some three dozen new healthcare billionaires, the wealthiest of which is Hu Kun, chairman of the medical device manufacturer Contec.

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