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Construction of roads

Construction of roads

Street safety does not depend only on the participants themselves. Properly installed road signs promptly warn drivers and pedestrians. Minimize the risk of accidents, including those with negative consequences for the health and life of people. It is very important that signs strictly comply with GOST, without any technical deviations from the norms, be used.

What else affects road safety

The markings on paved or concrete surfaces tend to wear off. With the onset of the winter season, it can be hidden by a layer of snow or ice. Road signs always remain visible to drivers, providing timely warning of changes in the situation on the roadway. Signs from a responsible manufacturer have the following features:

  1. Made with quality materials.
  2. Excellent resistance to negative exploitation factors.
  3. Distinguishable on a sunny day and at nightfall.
  4. The paint on the signs partially reflects the headlights, increasing their visibility.
  5. The stand is strong enough to withstand even strong gusts of wind.

Important: all technical fencing used within the carriageway must be in good visible to all drivers. This is especially important during road works, when the safety of workers depends on the driver's timely recognition of a dangerous area ahead of the road.

Fencing on highways

High vehicle speeds on roads outside of a built-up area can be potentially dangerous. The danger increases several times if the road section passes in close proximity to houses or an industrial zone. Fences along the road play the following positive role:

  • do not allow animals to enter the highway;
  • cars are exclusively within the hard surface;
  • the best protection for pedestrians from collisions with cars;
  • an obstacle to the destruction of the city's infrastructure in the event of an accident.

Steel means of protection, correctly installed along the roadbed, do not require constant maintenance. Zinc coating reliably protects them from corrosion, even if individual areas of the paint have been damaged. Fencing can take decades to build, requiring only occasional repainting.

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