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Enamel for the floor: types and characteristics of compositions


Popular options for floor enamels, their types and characteristics.

Enamel for the floor: types and characteristics of compositions

A paint that combines varnish, color pigment and filler is an excellent option for finishing concrete or wooden floor surfaces. The so-called enamel for floor is found in variations made on the basis of organic solvents or water. The latter option is considered environmentally friendly and is recommended for use in the interior. The popularity of these mixes is due to their ability to give the working substrate a presentable appearance and provide effective protection.

The film formed after drying is well tolerated by intense mechanical stress, contact with moisture, detergents. The advantages of mixtures include:

  1. High cure speed.
  2. Easy to apply with roller or brush.
  3. Long service life.
  4. Excellent decorative properties.

Popular options

The following types of enamels can be used to paint wooden or concrete floors:

  1. Alkyd floor enamel - made on the basis of pentaphthalic alkyd varnish in combination with a pigment and a special filler, which can be marble chips, glycerin, antiseptic agents. Among the competitive advantages of the composition, one should highlight its durability, an excellent indicator of elasticity, no shrinkage and resistance to moisture. After drying, a film is formed that does not lose its qualities under extreme temperature loads and under the influence of aggressive environmental factors.
  2. Polyurethane enamel - containing an abundance of special additives, the presence of which is designed to significantly improve the quality of adhesion of paint to work surfaces made of concrete or natural wood. It is noteworthy that such a mixture has increased resistance to chemical reagents and mechanical stress, therefore it is actively used in public and industrial premises. As for apartments and private houses, the use of polyurethane mixtures is impractical due to their high cost and the absence of heavy loads on the floor.
  3. Acrylic floor enamel - with the ability to form a wear-resistant film on the working surface, characterized by amazing elasticity. This mixture is successfully used for interior work, because there are no toxic components in its composition. A universal agent for finishing wooden and concrete substrates, it is almost odorless, dries quickly, tolerates contact with moisture well and retains color saturation for a long time under the influence of sunlight.

It is important to remember that the effectiveness of high-quality coloring compositions also depends on the correct preliminary preparation of the working base. The presence of minor defects, small debris on them leads to excessive paint consumption, a decrease in the adhesion index, followed by film delamination, the appearance of bubbles and uneven shade.

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