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Industrial vacuum cleaner at home

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Each model of industrial vacuum cleaner has many additional functions.

Industrial vacuum cleaner at home

Global repairs in an apartment or in a private house are familiar to many. The need for cleaning in the garage or in your own workshop. All these situations require a quality industrial vacuum cleaner. But, which construction vacuum cleaner to choose for repair , if their range is so large ? Picking up can be tricky as many electric construction tools have a dedicated connection for collecting rubbish while vacuuming.

Overview of suitable models

For most people, it is not enough to choose high-quality and reliable Karcher technique, a generally recognized leader in this field. I would also like to save money on the purchase, so as not to choose a model that is obviously too powerful, the capabilities of which will not be fully used. For example, you can take a few of the most popular devices:

  1. Karcher WD 3 P Premium - the volume of the garbage collector is 17 liters, the presence of a socket on the body of the vacuum cleaner, supports dry and wet cleaning.
  2. Karcher WD 4 Premium - increased power of the vacuum pump, removes both dust and liquid, ease of cleaning filters.
  3. Karcher WD 6 P Premium - collects large enough pieces of garbage, tank volume 30 liters, direct connection to the power tool.

Important: each model has its own advantages and unique features. If in the first case, the vacuum cleaner is ideal for periodic cleaning during repairs and in the garage. The latter model will cope with the work in the conditions of regular construction and installation work of a small team.

Role of optional accessories

Numerous nozzles for vacuum cleaners only at first glance may seem like an almost meaningless addition. But, as practice shows, it is the presence of accessories that allows you to get a better result in cleaning, and connect almost any tool for collecting garbage. Other important parameters can also influence the choice:

  • availability of reverse airflow function;
  • diameter of the waste collection hose;
  • dust filtration and containment system;
  • adjusting the power of the vacuum cleaner motor;
  • liquid cleaning or lack thereof.

Each model of industrial vacuum cleaner has many additional functions. The full review of the criteria for choosing construction vacuum cleaners can be continued for a long time. For each consumer, this will be his own, unique list of requirements. A more complete review of construction vacuum cleaners can be found at https://karex.ru/about/information/sovety_po_vyboru_stroitelnogo_pylesosa/.

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