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Storage of oxygen cylinders


Liquefied oxygen is transported and stored in special cylinders made of high-carbon steel

Storage of oxygen cylinders

Oxygen obtained by electrolysis, on the basis of a membrane or nitrogen technology, is widely used in various spheres of human activity. It is equally in demand both in the industrial and medical complex, given that technical oxygen has a lower degree of purification, but, nevertheless, is a hazardous substance. Requires special storage conditions.

Storage and use of cylinders

Transportation and storage of liquefied oxygen is carried out in special cylinders made of high-carbon steel. Painted blue, they have special rings for easy portability and installation on site. The valve must be closed with a special cap. Before using the cylinder for its intended purpose, the employee must perform the following actions:

  1. Make sure the gas cylinder is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. The physical condition of the balloon must be free from dents, cracks or other physical damage.
  3. Foreign objects must not be allowed near liquefied oxygen.
  4. Wear special clothing and goggles for protection.
  5. Any malfunctions should lead to refusal to work with the cylinder.

Oxygen tanks are stored only in rooms on the ground floor. With a flat, non-slip floor. With well-organized ventilation and without heating devices in the cold season.

Hazardous gas concentration

Oxygen in high concentration is a toxic substance for humans and animals. The concentration rate in the working area should not go beyond 20-21%. Long-term inhalation of technical oxygen leads to the following negative consequences:

- violation of normal blood circulation;

- damage to the central nervous system;

- especially high concentration contributes to the appearance of free radicals;

- nausea and increased pallor;

- increase in body temperature.

When working regularly with oxygen cylinders, experts recommend having a special gas analyzer with you. It signals in time about a leak and an increased concentration of an explosive gaseous substance.

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