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CNC milling machines for any material

CNC milling machines for any material

The technology of manufacturing final parts or products by processing fixed workpieces with rotating cutters is widely used in the production of milling machine equipment. Modern CNC milling and engraving machines of the latest generation developed by KB Sail" capable of:

  • Perform production tasks for the manufacture of parts with a configuration of any complexity.
  • Machining both high-strength metals and soft non-ferrous alloys.
  • Perform processing operations on blanks made of wood, plastic, natural or artificial stone.

The advantage of such machines is the ability to apply an inscription, drawing (engraving) to a certain depth or even a three-dimensional image on the surface of the workpiece being processed. At the same time, the operator does not need to be a professional artist or a skilled carver at all. The machine will perform all the necessary operations with the highest level of accuracy (we are talking about microns) using the program embedded in its system unit.

Milling machines from the manufacturer

The specifics of production tasks and products manufactured by the enterprise require a careful approach to the selection of the necessary machine equipment. The machines used must answer:

  • Power and performance settings.
  • The operational conditions for their use.
  • The criteria for accuracy and versatility.

The direct developer and producer of milling machines KB Parus offers its customers a wide selection of models of this type of equipment in complete set for operation. You can get acquainted with the technical characteristics and capabilities of each machine using the online catalog of the official website of the enterprise.

All the equipment presented on its pages is developed and manufactured using advanced innovative technologies in the field of machine tool building. Belongs to the category of machines of the latest generation, meeting all parameters in terms of productivity and efficiency of energy consumption. It is possible to develop and complete milling machines, taking into account the type of production activity of customers and its specific requirements. Consultation on these issues is carried out online at the request of the client.

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