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Looking for a job abroad: what specialists are in demand now?


Employers from Europe have a great opportunity to recruit highly qualified specialists in various fields to their team. How to find a job abroad, and which specialists are now more in demand? We will tell you about it, and also let you know how things are in Europe with work visas for Russians.

Work for Russians: what to expect and how to act?

At present, the abolition of visas for travel and labor immigration to Western Europe is not observed. Work for Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians, on the contrary, will become even more accessible, since the admission of specialists by foreign companies will be carried out in a more simplified form.

At the same time, working conditions have not changed. The leaders of European companies provide support to foreign workers. In some cases, psychological and financial assistance is paid for the families of the victims.

An interview, which is a prerequisite for admission to work in Europe, in during the pandemic, are carried out remotely. For Russians, this is more than ever useful, which allows you to find work before moving. At the same time, preparation should not be neglected - it should be thorough. It is important to write a resume, look neat and confident, and prepare yourself for phone and video interviews.

The most in-demand professions in Europe are:

  • It.
  • Marketing
  • Product marketing.
  • HR.
  • Consulting
  • Audit
  • Risk manager
  • Working with data.

A product manager in England earns on average about 60,000 pounds a year. In Germany, a specialist of the same category receives 70,000 euros. It is important to give priority to fast-growing startups that offer higher wages for experienced and productive professionals.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is quite an important issue, it includes technical and professional terms that you are expected to deal with.

Obtaining a visa and other documents for employment

Employment in a European company requires not only obtaining a visa, but also a well-written resume, recommendations, as well as diplomas of higher education and specialization. The diploma must first be translated into English. At the same time, there are separate categories of visas, upon receipt of which it is not required. Other documents may sometimes be required, such as proof of financial status or medical certificates. Also, to confirm your level of knowledge of the English language, you may need to pass a special test.

You can look for a job for yourself on your own - using our blog or visiting specialized sites . If you want to find a temporary, remote job, you can subscribe to various telegram channels. It is also possible to contact a specialized agency, with the help of which you can choose the right vacancy for yourself with a decent salary.

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