Scope of selsyns


If the synchro is of good quality, it resists mechanical wear very well.

Scope of selsyns

A special electrical device for transmitting a mechanical angle of rotation is called a selsyn. Used between devices that do not provide for mechanical communication. They work on alternating current, but before buy selsins, you need to decide on their power . It can vary from one watt to several hundred. It has a slight resemblance to the principle of operation with an electric motor.

Peculiarities of working in practice

As a rule, the device works in pairs, only in this way it is possible to achieve high accuracy in turning the rotor at a given angle. Both devices are connected to the same AC power source. The encoder rotor, when set in motion, will automatically rotate the receiver at exactly the same number of revolutions. But, other elements can be used in the design:

  • selsyn sensor with attachment point;
  • plug-in synchro-receiver;
  • differential devices;
  • connection wires or loops;
  • protective mechanisms or devices.

Important: it is impossible to upset the balance between the receiver and the connected synchro.

As soon as one changes angle, the other will automatically rotate until it finds balance. In practice, such synchronous operation makes it possible to completely abandon the mechanical transmission of torque in electrical products, if it is possible to use a synchro.

Practical application of devices

The error of the pair during operation allows a deviation in the angle of rotation by no more than a tenth of one degree. No additional monitoring devices or sensors are required for this purpose. The alternating current itself and the design of the product provide the necessary accuracy during operation. Thanks to this feature, it finds practical application in the following areas:

  1. Synchronous rotation of two shafts in an electrical product.
  2. The operation of two devices not connected with a mechanical transmission.
  3. Machine tool industry, both industrial and more modest.
  4. For the operation of other devices, the bottom does not need much physical effort.

If the synchro is of good quality, it resists mechanical wear very well. It can work in the device for quite a long time. A slight deviation from the timing will be a reason to replace the pair, as wear has already begun to accumulate in the movement.

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