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What and how you can make drywall yourself

Ремонт и обрустройство
What and how you can make drywall yourself

Choosing beautiful wallpaper, for example, in the bedroom or tiles for the bathroom walls, you should remember that all these types of finishing materials love perfectly smooth walls. In brick houses, this is achieved using plaster in several layers, which is not always performed with high quality by builders. To correct their errors and achieve a whole list of additional advantages in terms of achieving coziness and comfort in the room, one more way of arrangement allows. Here's what you can do from drywall (panels) yourself:

  • Leveling walls or ceilings is the main task of this material.
  • Additional insulation of the room - drywall has low thermal conductivity.
  • Making noise insulation is the best option for solving the problem of most apartment buildings.

It should be noted that the use of drywall allows you to create arches, multi-level ceilings or shelves in the room, which will allow you to create a unique and even exclusive design for finishing any room. Having found information how to make various drywall constructions, we came to I conclude that today 2 methods are used for the installation of such plates.

Classic version

A frame is made of metal profiles, plates are attached to it with self-tapping screws. Seams are putty with special compounds. At the same time, a gap remains between the wall and the drywall, which is filled with insulation or soundproofing material. Communications can also be laid there, which allows you to save on the procedure for wall chasing. A suspended ceiling or arch made of plasterboard in this way, after finishing (painting, wallpaper or tile), takes on a single monolithic appearance.

Sticking tiles on walls

A variant that can be used independently, practically eliminating the formation of construction dust in the room. Plasterboard boards are glued to the walls using special adhesives.

Everything you need for installation, as well as the drywall itself, can be purchased today in hardware stores. The only disadvantage of this building material is its size. It will require shipping costs as well as lifting to the desired floor.

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