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Individual heating points

Individual heating points

Proper distribution of the coolant in the cold season will allow maintaining a normal temperature in each of the circuits. This not only equalizes the comfortable temperature in the rooms, but also reduces the load on the boiler room. Design on the website https://antares-gk.ru/uslugi/proektirovanie-teplovykh-punktov/ takes into account all the features of not only the building, but also the technical capabilities of heating equipment. Allows you to achieve the norms so as not to violate the current legislation.

Why do we need a heat point

Any residential and even some commercial construction sites will have a connection to the central, or be equipped with individual heating. In each case, engineers will calculate options for a more profitable connection. But in order to guarantee that all apartments comply with the standards for heat transfer efficiency, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature in each circuit. Heat points are capable of the following:

  1. As accurately as possible, they keep records of the heat used.
  2. Distribute and convert coolants from different systems.
  3. Regulate the temperature in the building and in a separate circuit.
  4. Can, if necessary, disable individual communications.
  5. Comply with all security parameters, do not bring the system to an accident.

The presence of a heat point, well-designed and implemented in practice, greatly reduces the cost of utilities for each individual apartment. But in general, this is an additional safety element in the building or outside it, which monitors many indicators of the local heating network.

System design considerations

Project work is carried out only by well-trained engineers with a lot of positive experience in previous projects. They not only ensure that the item works, but also make sure that it complies with all state regulations:

  • working and emergency pressure in the circuits are taken into account;
  • materials used in the heating system;
  • the presence of additional fuses and locks;
  • The maximum heating of the coolant is taken into account.

In some cases, engineers provide several technological solutions at once. Depending on the budget and other variable factors, the customer can independently choose the design of the substation that best suits his needs. But, if you initially provide all the necessary information, the specialists will develop the optimal communication point the first time.

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