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Warehouse machinery and equipment rental


Special hydraulic boosters can greatly simplify the work of warehouse workers.

Warehouse machinery and equipment rental

Correctly selected warehouse equipment and machinery, to a large extent, allows you to competently organize the storage and movement of goods, even in a relatively small area. Manual and electrically driven equipment https://angaragrupp.com/, must withstand everyday stress. To cope not only with pallets, but also with non-standard cargo. Ensure the safety of warehouse workers.

What can be rented?

Buying your own new machinery and equipment requires a fairly large investment. This factor can negatively affect the development of a young company. Renting equipment will significantly save on expensive purchases, but, at the same time, enjoy all the advantages. The following warehouse equipment can be rented for both short and long term:

  1. Pallet jacks with different lifting capacities.
  2. Stackers with significant lift heights.
  3. Lift tables, for special products.
  4. Professional electric forklifts.

Most of the equipment is designed to work with pallets of different sizes. Moving parts allow adapting the equipment to the actual size of the pallets used. Electrical technology does not pollute the warehouse air with carbon monoxide, making the work of warehouse workers more comfortable and safe.

Hydraulic hand technology

Special hydraulic boosters can greatly simplify the work of warehouse workers. Move loads up to 5 tons on the flat surface of the warehouse with the help of a conventional rocket. In addition, in contrast to the electric drive, the mechanics weigh much less. Other advantages of hydraulically operated warehouse equipment can be added:

  • high reliability in everyday use;
  • requires little or no maintenance;
  • can withstand significant static and dynamic loads;
  • simple, intuitive controls;
  • a wide range of technical capacities.

Equipment for short-term and long-term rental https://angaragrupp.ru/katalog/shtabelery/ruchnye-gidravlicheskie-shtabelery , always undergoes a technical inspection on time. Even with minor breakdowns or defects, it is not allowed to operate, as it can cause injury to workers. Warehouse equipment should facilitate the work of the warehouse, and not complicate logistics operations with the movement of goods.

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