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10 reasons to use modular designs


Modular designs are gaining in popularity. Why you should think about this particular method of construction, read the article.

10 reasons to use modular designs

Previously, the construction of buildings and structures dragged on for decades due to the high cost of work, the need to take into account weather and climatic conditions. However, thanks to the revolution in the construction industry, modern structures are being built within months. The fact is that prefabricated buildings in Kaliningrad are erected on the principle of a constructor from special block-containers ... They are a ready-to-use parallelepiped building element. A block container can function as an independent building structure or be part of a complex building object. Individual modules can be one-piece or prefabricated. In the first case, the individual parts of the module are connected by welding, and in the second, by means of a bolted connection. Individual modules may differ structurally: manufacturers produce options with windows, internal partitions or without them.

Purpose of modular structures

Manufacturers of such blocks produce containers for various purposes:

  • industrial and warehouse;
  • residential;
  • health care;
  • special.

Administrative and service blocks are also produced, so any object can be built using them.

Why are modular designs ubiquitous?

This construction technology has become popular for various reasons:

  1. profitability - reduction of construction costs is ensured by saving on materials, remuneration of employees and minimization of transport costs;
  2. ease of use - modules from the manufacturing plant arrive at the construction site ready-made, no changes required;
  3. the ability to use at any time of the year - snow, rain, cold or heat cannot stop the construction process from modular structures;
  4. environmental friendliness - when using the modules on the construction site, there is no noise, clouds of dust and soot, since the entire process of manufacturing the modules takes place at the factory;
  5. minimum amount of garbage and waste - by-products of the manufacture of modules are generated at the plant, where they are recycled;
  6. aesthetics - modular buildings look very attractive, they will adorn any space;
  7. high speed of construction - the technology allows the building to be erected simultaneously with the foundation;
  8. can be used on any construction site - modular structures can be used even on those sites where other work is in progress;
  9. ease of control of the construction process - designers and architects can monitor the pace and quality of construction;
  10. suitable for use in unfavorable construction sites - modular construction is suitable even for difficult soils.

To take full advantage of these benefits, you need to be careful when choosing module vendors.

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