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Mineral wool or foamed styrofoam - what works better for insulating external walls?


There are several ways to keep your home at an optimal temperature. One of them is the installation of external wall insulation, but to make it you must first choose the right materials.

Mineral wool or foamed styrofoam - what works better for insulating external walls?

For the insulation of external walls to be installed correctly, we need to consider several important aspects. One of them is the selection of the best company that deals with the repair and maintenance of EWI and its assembly. Reliable companies only employ professionals who are always ready to start working on building insulation. However, before this happens, the owner must choose an insulation material that will be ideally suited to his needs and the properties of the walls. There are many possibilities. Some decide on insulation panels, others choose traditional foam insulation or mineral wool. Can you choose one of these methods that should be recommended to everyone?

What insulation material should you choose?

The choice of material for insulation of external walls is not easy due to the many variants proposed by professionals. So before we make a decision, it's worth getting interested in the topic and making your choice consciously. You should also trust specialists who are able to perform an audit on the walls of the building. The results of such control will accurately determine the thickness of our walls and their heat transfer coefficient. Thanks to this, we will be able to easily figure out which material will be the best and how much it should be used. If it is not possible to perform the audit, it is enough to know which building material the structure was made of. This will not be a problem for those who ordered the construction of the house, but if we bought a turnkey apartment, it is worth asking to later without any problem choose the perfect material that will be the basis for the installation of external wall insulation. If we were able to acquire the necessary knowledge, we can proceed to the selection of the perfect raw material.

Advantages of making external wall insulation with styrofoam

After finishing the construction of the house, we usually want a long break from performing any type of work. Before we start insulating the external walls, we should give our new apartment a rest, that is, dry thoroughly. However, the best companies specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of EWI can start insulating the building 3 months after its erection. Despite this short break, many people still want to end the warming as soon as possible. In this case, foam is the best choice of material. You can find many types of this material on the market that differ in thickness and efficiency, which is why its choice can be perfect for practically anyone, regardless of the heat permeability of the walls. Execution of external wall insulation with expanded styrofoam should not be problematic for professionals, because it is very popular and is not difficult to handle material.

Mineral wool, is it worth investing in it?

Low price is another advantage of styrofoam. In this regard, is it best to decide on it, and do not take into account other, slightly more expensive materials? It all depends on the needs, as well as the capabilities of the owner of the building on which theis to be installed insulation of external walls. Mineral wool is a great raw material that is also well-suited for home insulation. However, it requires much more work, time and experience. So if we want the insulation of external walls to be made flawlessly using mineral wool, we must ensure that the work is done by the best professionals on the market. Each building is different, some houses we see are made of stone in many cities, others are made of wood. Accordingly, all the houses encountered have different characteristics that can make it easier or difficult for them to retain heat inside. If we want our home to always have the perfect temperature that will allow you to spend time pleasantly with your family, we should carefully think about the choice of material that specialists will use to install the insulation of external walls.

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