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SpaceX completes Assembly nerzaveushsei dome starship Starship Mk3


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was asked about the progress of work on the production cap of the fuel tank of the spaceship that exploded in preliminary tests the Starship in November.

SpaceX completes Assembly nerzaveushsei dome starship Starship Mk3

CEO SpaceX Elon Musk, has shared on his Twitter account that he started joint work with the team SpaceX on the third prototype of the company the to their Assembly site at Boca Chica beach, Brownsville, Texas. Musk said that they are working on a dome of the tank and that it is more difficult to build.

"did Not sleep all night with the team SpaceX working on the fabrication of the tank dome Starship (the most difficult part of the primary structure)," - said Musk.

in Spite of recent setbacks on the Starship Mk3 on the South Texas portion of the Assembly is advancing quickly. In November the design of the upper dome Starship Mk1 - the first fully assembled prototype exploded during cryogenic testing, when it was maximized the pressure in the tanks to check for any leaks. This is a common type of test is designed to prepare the ship for the first flight so that engineers could find out the amount of gas that is loaded into the ship. This explosion was not an unexpected phenomenon since the ship is at an early stage of development.

once during cryogenic test Starship Mk1 blew his top bulkhead, Musk said that SpaceX will go to the creation of Starship Mk3, which is the third version of the unit instead of repairing Mk1, stating that the value of the Mk1 was first and foremost "as a production guide", and that "the design of the flight is different." Starship Mk3, which is currently under development, will become the third version of the prototype.

SpaceX is committed to turn a Starship in the most powerful rocket in the world ever created. The company has extensive history and knowledge about successful development of spacecraft and engines. Starship is a massive vehicle, consisting of two parts, which will use super-heavy rocket to exit the Earth's atmosphere with a 37 engine Raptor. The rocket will return to Earth from outer space like a rocket SpaceX, Falcon 9, landing vertically on the launch site to re-use it. Starship can travel in space only 6 engines Raptor.

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