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Components and spare parts for Dong Feng cars

Components and spare parts for Dong Feng cars

The automotive industry in the Celestial Empire is developing at a steady pace, and now vehicles with the manufacturer's original symbols that seemed outlandish from the beginning have become increasingly common on domestic roads. And if motorists are still wary of the options for choosing passenger cars from Chinese manufacturers, then professionals quickly appreciated the advantages:

  • Not expensive.
  • Meeting the parameters of quality and reliability.

Freight commercial vehicles, among which the lineup from the company Dongfeng . She was one of the first to send her products for export, and since 2014:

  • Trucks and vans of various capacities.
  • Tractors and multi-ton dump trucks.

They began to be massively imported into the country by dealers and official representatives of the manufacturer. Every year the number and model range of exported vehicles increased and it is quite clear that the issue of service maintenance and, most importantly, the organization of the supply of spare parts has become relevant.

Difficulties in the logistics of supplies of spare parts and components

A country that has just begun to master the full-scale export of products of its rapidly developing automobile industry and at the same time is located at a considerable geographic distance from the importing countries - this is how one can characterize the difficulties experienced by suppliers of parts and components for Dongfeng commercial vehicles from China. Added to this are the problems associated with:

  • With translation of names and purposes of parts.
  • With European and Asian classification.

As a result, for example, by independently placing an order through the official website of the hub bearing manufacturer, the user can get a clutch disc or a brake system repair kit after a fairly long time (unfortunately, such cases have occurred).

Using the experience of its employees and the established contacts in the Middle Kingdom, UkrPartAvto organized the supply of spare parts for Chinese vehicles at a high professional level. Own warehouse facilities and an official website allow its customers:

  • Select a part by yourself.
  • Receive an order as soon as possible.

Original Dong Feng spare parts are located in a separate category of the online catalog of the Internet resource. Each item has a detailed technical description, manufacturer's classification number and clear color photographs for clarity in the selection process. The portal has the option of online communication with a technical consultant who will help with the optimal choice of the right part, thanks to his experience with this specific category of goods.

All parts, assemblies, assemblies and components presented on the pages of the catalog fully comply with the declared technical parameters. They are original and have a manufacturer's quality guarantee.

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