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The European Commission has written to 75 million euros "blue" economy


the European Commission and the European investment Fund to create a Fund BlueInvest 75 million euros.

The European Commission has written to 75 million euros "blue" economy

the European Commission, in cooperation with the European investment Fund within the European investment Bank group (EIB), established the Foundation for the "blue" BlueInvest investment in the amount of 75 million euros.

"Blue" economy covers economic activities associated with oceans, seas and coasts. It ranges from companies in the marine environment to terrestrial enterprises that produce goods or services that contribute to the marine economy. The "blue" economy is based on companies that develop solutions for renewable energy, sustainable seafood, marine biotechnology, marine information technology, and more.

BlueInvest the Fund will be managed by the European investment Fund and will provide funding for basic joint funds, which are strategically focused and support innovative, "blue" economy.

"the sector can play an important role in the transition to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. The new program is supported by the European Fund for strategic investments and is a financial pillar of the Investment plan for Europe", - stated in message Commission.

Through the European Maritime and fisheries Fund the European Commission will also Fund additional grant scheme of EUR 40 million to help in the development and marketing of new, innovative and sustainable products, technologies and services.

"the Oceans are the first in the queue ecosystems affected by climate change, but they also offer a variety of solutions to address climate challenges in each of the Maritime industry, from fisheries and aquaculture to marine watergeneral, wave energy and tides, biotechnology and many other fields related to innovation. Investment Fund of 75 million euros is a tool that allows you to unlock the potential of the blue economy as to promote a European environmental agreement and economic growth European companies developing innovative and sustainable products and services," said Virginia Sinkevicius , the European Commissioner for the environment, oceans and fisheries.

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