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Dnipro Metallurgical Plant mysteriously stopped steel production

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The official reason for the shutdown of the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant is repairs, the unofficial reason is the unprofitableness of steel smelting.

Dnipro Metallurgical Plant mysteriously stopped steel production

The Dnieper Metallurgical Plant (DMZ) of Kharkiv businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky, which stopped on January 1, 2022, will resume its work immediately after a series of current repairs in the main shops. Maksim Minyushkin, Advisor to the General Director for Investments of DCH Steel, told Interfax-Ukraine about this.

“DMZ annually in January suspends the metal site for current repairs in the main workshops. Koksokhim is working, 4 batteries have just been overhauled there. We plan to have time to carry out all the repairs in a month. If earlier, we will launch immediately, "Minyushkin said.

According to another version, which was announced by an unnamed source of the newspaper "Economic Truth", a metallurgical plant in Dnipro suspended its work due to the unprofitability of steel production.

“There are a number of reasons: uncertainty in the supply of coal from Russia, difficulties with the logistics of raw materials due to the lack of a car fleet and energy prices. Together, this adds up to the cost of production, which does not allow the enterprise to be profitable, "- noted the source of the publication.

According to him, there are no exact dates of downtime yet, but a preliminary shutdown is expected for a period of one month, and the decision to resume work will depend on the state of the metal rolling market.

As reported, the metallurgical workshops of the DMZ resumed work after a downtime in May-June 2020, before that, the plant had been producing only coke-chemical processing products for seven months.

DMZ specializes in the production of steel, cast iron, rolled products and products from them. In 2020, the plant reduced steel production by 66% compared to 2019 - to 175 thousand tons, pig iron - by 67.3%, to 160 thousand tons, rolled products by 68.4%, to 140 thousand tons.

The DCH Group of Alexander Yaroslavsky on March 1, 2018 signed an agreement to purchase Dnieper Metallurgical Plant from the Russian Evraz.

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