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Metinvest launches production of over 50 new products in 2021

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In 2021, the metallurgical enterprises of the Metinvest Group launched the production of 54 new types of products, including the result of a joint venture, the Zaporizhstal plant, which launched seven new products. A significant economic effect from the sale of new products was achieved due to market conditions and increased operational efficiency in production and sales.

Metinvest launches production of over 50 new products in 2021

Most of all new products last year were mastered in the segment of thick plates (15) and hot-rolled coils (13). Also new items appeared in the categories of steel semi-finished products (11), cold-rolled coil (6), long products (5) and galvanized coil (4).

The leader in terms of the number of new products is the Azovstal plant, followed by Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Zaporizhstal is in third place, and the metallurgical plant in Kamenskoye and Unisteel close the top five.

Semi-finished products

In particular, the Azovstal plant has mastered the production of slabs from nine new steel grades with additional customer requirements for chemical composition. Semi-finished products were intended for the European market. The high quality of the products is confirmed by the volume of shipments in 2021 – more than 200 thousand tons of new brands of slabs were delivered to customers.

Rolled coils

At MMK im. Ilyich, eight new types of products were produced at the modernized hot rolling mill 1700. Here, the production of hot-rolled coil in new thicknesses, as well as four new steel grades, was launched. Among the latter are high-strength coils after thermomechanical treatment from S420M steel for construction purposes and S500MC steel for mechanical engineering according to European standards.

Last year, Zaporizhstal focused on expanding the brand and size range of rolled products according to foreign standards. The plant has mastered the production of hot-rolled coils of the DD11 brand according to the European standard and the A36 brand according to the American standard. The first novelty is used for profiling and rolling into a cold-rolled coil, and the second is intended for the manufacture of building metal structures and profiles.

Galvanized steel

Unisteel was the leader in the segment of galvanized products. Last year, the company started producing rolls with additional oiling to improve weather resistance. In addition, the plant mastered the production of DX51D galvanized coils for profiling in a new size of 2.5x1000 mm, and also launched DX53D products for deep drawing and the production of figured products on the market.


After purchasing a single property complex of the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant and consolidating the production volumes of the latter, since August 2021, the Dnipro Coke and Chemical Plant has also brought a number of new products to the market. Among them is C80D2 high-carbon wire rod with a diameter of 9 and 11 mm, designed for wire drawing and rope making. At the same time, the plant launched the production of round steel in bars with a diameter of 75 mm and 90 mm for the manufacture of machine-building parts and building elements, as well as channel No. 12U, which is in demand in construction.

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