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Metinvest's Ingulets GOK to cut emissions by 60%

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As part of the Comprehensive Environmental Impact Reduction Program, Inguletsky GOK plans to implement 72 measures, which will reduce emissions by more than 60%.

Metinvest's Ingulets GOK to cut emissions by 60%

At the Ingulets Mining and Processing Plant of the Metinvest Group, the Comprehensive Program for Reducing the Impact on the Environment - 2022 was approved. It is based on the continuation of the best environmental practices of the past year: the use of a safe humate reagent in the processing of faces and technological roads, the repair of aspiration equipment and the widespread use of green technologies.

In 2022, Inguletsky GOK will also introduce innovative measures. For the first time, a mobile irrigation system will be used at the enterprise. It is used to treat the surfaces of dumps, tailings, as well as places for unloading dump trucks. They continue experiments on the use of new surfactants for irrigation of roads. After blasting, gas measurements will be made directly in the blocks of the quarry and at the border of the sanitary protection zone.

Specialists expect that all these measures together will help to reduce emissions into the atmosphere by more than 60%.

“The Ingulets Plant pays great attention to minimizing the impact of production factors on the environment. We consistently implement various activities and projects to improve the environmental situation in the city and surrounding areas. The approved full-scale environmental program will allow us to confidently move towards environmental safety,” said Sergey Zamriy, Director for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection at the Ingulets Mining and Processing Plant.

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