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In Kharkov, the metro station "Moskovsky Prospekt" was renamed into "Turboatom"


In Kharkov, at the request of the labor collective of JSC "Turboatom ", the metro station "Moskovsky Prospekt " was renamed.

In Kharkov, the metro station "Moskovsky Prospekt" was renamed into "Turboatom"

The decision to rename "Moskovsky Prospekt " into "Turboatom " was made at a session of the Kharkiv City Council on October 16. 68 deputies voted for him. "That's right, we respect this enterprise, " - said the Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes.

Recall that the request to rename the metro station "Moskovsky Prospekt " to "Turboatom " was received by the city council from the workforce of the enterprise and was announced to Gennady Kernes on October 10 during a personal reception of the mayor at the plant by the general director of the enterprise Viktor Subbotin.

The mayor of the city supported this idea, noting: "I personally support. " Turboatom "is the flagship of our engineering industry, known all over the world. It passes all difficulties with dignity, enters new markets. Viktor Subbotin retained the team, knows how to attract young people I am sure that the toponymic commission and the deputies will vote "for ".

In turn, the General Director of JSC "Turboatom " Viktor Subbotin noted that a significant event took place at the personal reception of the mayor.

“Gennady Adolfovich immediately reacted to the proposal of the company's labor collective to rename the metro station " Moskovsky Prospekt "to " Turboatom "and gave instructions to the relevant services. I want to say that this is a great joy and honor for the plant staff. We have worked for a long time in order to be marked in the history of the city and on its map, "- V. Subbotin commented.

According to the City Commission on Toponymy and Protection of the Historical and Cultural Environment, the architectural and artistic appearance of the station expresses an industrial theme - this is emphasized by large lamps that resemble turbine rotors. The project name of the station was "Turbine Plant ", but by the time of opening it was named "Moskovsky Prospekt ".

For reference:

JSC "Turboatom " is one of the largest enterprises in the world for the design and manufacture of steam and hydraulic turbines, as well as other power equipment.

The production capabilities of the enterprise allow the production of steam and hydraulic turbines with a total design capacity of 8 million kW and 2 million kW, respectively.

Production of turbines is carried out in a closed cycle: from design and development and research work to manufacturing, assembly, testing of turbines and shipment.

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