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Италия подписала с "Метинвестом" меморандум о взаимопонимании по созданию интегрированного промышленного проекта в муниципалитете Пембино

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Стальной комплекс в Пембино является одним из основных центров переработки стали в Италии и Европе, и Министерство бизнеса и проект "Сделано в Италии" стремятся поддержать возобновление производства рельсов и одновременно запустить производство рулонов г/к проката

Италия подписала с "Метинвестом" меморандум о взаимопонимании по созданию интегрированного промышленного проекта в муниципалитете Пембино

The Ministry of Business and Production of Italy, the region of Tuscany and the municipality of Pembino signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the mining and metallurgical group Metinvest on the development of the metallurgical sector in the region.

According to official information from the ministry, the memorandum was signed with Metinvest Adria SpA, Metinvest BV, Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA in order to provide conditions for the restart of the Pembino steel plant.

At the same time, it is clarified that this is a "decisive step for the restart of the Pembino site , which will play an increasingly important role in the national steel industry plan.

It is also reported that the purpose of the industrial project is to develop, build, own, operate and maintain an environmentally sustainable plant for the production of finished steel products obtained resulting from the processing of ferrous metals into hot-rolled coils for further processing, which will be built in Pembino on the square. about 260 hectares. The project will be financed through external funding and government grants.

The Pembino steel complex is one of the main steel processing centers in Italy and Europe, and the Ministry of Business and the Made in Italy project are committed to supporting the resumption production of rails and at the same time launch the production of hot-rolled coils in order to resume activity, maintain employment and reduce imports. steel products to Italy from non-EU countries. This has renewed interest in the feasibility of the integrated industrial development project presented by Metinvest Adria SpA, Metinvest BV and Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SPA, the ministry said.

The parties to the agreement undertake to immediately carry out an agreed feasibility study justification aimed at determining the conditions for the stable and long-term operation of the hub, as well as increasing the industrial and production potential of the territory, preferring solutions compatible with the urban environment.

When the project is fully operational, it will employ about 1,500 direct and indirect workers, and will have a significant economic impact on other related industries at the regional and national level, the information says.

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy will coordinate a working group that will include participation of all competent national and local institutions to stimulate the creation of production enterprises.

Potential investors: Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, Region of Tuscany, Municipality of Pembino, Port, System Authority, Public Property Agency.

The Protocol defines the conditions for concluding a Program Agreement within four months in accordance with Art. 252 bis of the consolidated environmental law.

Italian Minister of Business and Production Adolfo Urso said that "the agreement marks a decisive step towards the relaunch of the Pembino complex, which will play an increasingly central role in the context of the national plan steel industry together with Taranto, Terni and the steelworks of northern Italy."

President of the Tuscany region Eugenio Giani added that "the memorandum of understanding is the first and necessary signal about the investments proposed by Metinvest and Danieli, as well as a concrete sign of cooperation between institutions to guarantee the future of steel production in Italy."

"Tuscany is a land open to foreign investment and the Pembino region has been favorable to metallurgy since Etruscan times. The Metinvest-Danieli project will support the Tuscany region. (...) We hope that another investment project of JSW Steel Italy can also be implemented, given the interdependence and possible complementarity between the flat steel production (from the Metinvest side) ) and long-term rolled products (from Jsw). "And we will work over the next 4 months to reach a binding program agreement with specific deadlines for everyone," explained Giani.

The mayor of Pembino, Francesco Ferrari, said that "this agreement is a real opportunity for relaunch that will return Pembino to the center of the national and international steel industry."

Metinvest BV CEO Yuriy Ryzhenkov noted that "The agreement with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Made in Italy marks a significant step towards creating one of the most environmentally friendly plants in Europe.

"With a capacity of approximately 3 million tons of steel, this project plays a decisive role in Italy's transition to green technology through the introduction of sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial methods. It will also help increase utilization rates at our iron ore mining and processing facilities in Ukraine, which will support their modernization to produce high-quality pellets. Pembino is a cutting-edge project that

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