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In "Bogdan" said that can establish mass production of modern electric vehicles

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to implement plans For electrification need to make some legislative acts, which "walk" across the Parliament for several years.

In "Bogdan" said that can establish mass production of modern electric vehicles

the Need of using environmentally friendly transport in Ukraine due to global trends of transition to electric vehicles the country's ecological situation. According to the world health organization, Ukraine ranks first in the world (!) The mortality rate from air pollution per 100 thousand people. The macroeconomic losses from environmental pollution by motor transport in Ukraine is estimated at the equivalent of 2.5 billion euros annually. This situation is caused, in particular, a large number of emissions from motor vehicles, because the average age of Park of passenger cars in Ukraine - 22.2 years, and it is twice more than in the EU (11.1 years).

Ukraine has a production capacity to manufacture vehicles, components and accessories for motor vehicles, in addition, there are highly qualified personnel. All these factors contribute to opportunities for using Ukraine as a production site for electric vehicles.

"Given that the capacity for a full cycle of production of buses, trucks and SKD cars are used by only 10%, the government and Parliament of Ukraine, it would be appropriate to adopt measures to improve the situation in the industry and the investment attractiveness of the country as a whole", - stated in the Corporation "Bogdan".

European countries are taking measures on state support of development of electric transport, in particular through the adoption of relevant legislation that annually allows significantly reduce the consumption of products of the oil refining industry and improve the ecological condition. The gradual replacement of vehicles with electric cars in big cities and industrial regions with high population density, becomes inevitable. According to Bloomberg in 2025 the share of electric cars on the market will amount to 10-15%, and in 2030 will reach 35-40%.

Global spending on development of electric vehicles during 2008-2014 years amounted to more than 14.3 billion dollars. Excluding research and development work on the development of technologies, the costs amounted to about $ 7 billion of which fiscal stimulus amounted to about 5 billion.

In the Verkhovna Rada of the previous convocation have already been registered relevant bills to support the production of electric vehicles.

"unfortunately, the package of laws on electric initially came under selective disfavor with the parliamentarians of the previous convocation, and for over a year though, and was offered eight times in the agenda of sessions of the Verkhovna Rada, but the real consideration and implementation and has not received. But the import of finished electric vehicles received unexpectedly enthusiastic support. Therefore, the sale of cars was not the priority of Ukrainian legislators, and the development of its own industry, creating new jobs and left behind", - reported in the Corporation.

In "Bogdan" expressed hope for constructive dialogue with the government concerning the development of electric mobility strategy and prompt legislative regulation of the investment attractiveness of the industry.

"the New composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had the opportunity to go down in history of the country adopting the laws, because as of this moment we are still in the beginning progress, while the leading countries have long moved forward," - concluded the Corporation.

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