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"Green Agreement" of the European Union called a "vector" of Ukraine


"European Green Deal" - an ambitious new strategy for the development of green economy, the EU and the motion vector for Ukraine, said the Agency Saee.

"Green Agreement" of the European Union called a "vector" of Ukraine

the Importance adopted by the European Commission last week, "Green Agreement" for Ukraine, said German experts at the seminar "Financial mechanisms for stimulating energy efficiency in industry".

As you know, recently the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen introduced a new programme for the EU - "green deal", which aims to reduce emissions of co2 to 50-55% in 2030 and to make Europe's first "climate neutral" continent to 2050.

Road map envisages a complex of measures to increase energy efficiency, transition to "clean" circular economy, reduce pollution and prevent climate change. All this will contribute to improving the quality of life of people and the environment.

As explained by experts of the Institute. Fraunhofer (Germany), are also planned sufficiently stringent environmental requirements for products, which will be imported into the EU. We are talking about the so-called "Carbon Border Tax".

"This means that "dirty" carbon capacious products are not allowed on the EU market. Therefore, Ukraine now need to take into account the new EU strategy and accelerate the energy efficiency economy", - said Andrey Frolov, Deputy head of Department of reforming of the sphere of energy efficiency Saee.

During the workshop the participants discussed various types of financial instruments to encourage implementation of energy efficient projects at enterprises (grants, soft loans, factoring, tax mechanisms, green bonds).

Andrey Frolov said that now with the participation of Minamaneho, the Saee and partners developed a mechanism to stimulate industrial enterprises to energy efficiency. Also already registered a bill on the introduction of "green" bonds in Ukraine.

"it is Important to remember that financial instrument that you plan to enter needs to solve three tasks: energy supply, economic development and environmental protection", - said the expert.

the Seminar was organized by the Office for effective regulation and the GIZ project "Advising companies on energy efficiency".

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