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Ukrzaliznytsya plans to overhaul the Czech trains in the country


this railway monopoly asks the company Skoda to provide Ukraine with drawings, repair technology and key components.

Ukrzaliznytsya plans to overhaul the Czech trains in the country

Ukrzaliznytsia intends to overhaul two of the Czech Skoda electric EJ675 City Elephant at its own facilities. This was reported by a member of the Board of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsya" Frank buresh.

He recalled that Ukrzaliznytsia has purchased the specified dual-voltage trains in electrified sections AC and DC in 2012, before the European championship on football. First they went on the routes Kharkiv / Donetsk-Simferopol, and after 2014 was transferred to the routes Kyiv-Kharkiv / Ternopil.

However, according to Frank buresh, each of these trains have already passed 1 300 000 km in 2012. They don't work with a 2018 due to technical faults, and are now in one of the depot of Kiev, waiting for a major overhaul.

Board Member also said that in the last few years the Railways repeatedly opened procedures of tendering for services for the overhaul of these trains, however, received an unexpectedly expensive deals from all international bidders, because they all intended to exercise the full scope of repairs abroad.

"I am categorically opposed to the company pay 200 million hryvnia to foreign companies, while having its own facilities for the repair of locomotives in Zaporozhye. In Ukraine, there are accessories, spare parts, and most importantly - very skilled producers, the enterprises included in the JSC "Ukrzaliznytsya", so in other domestic companies. To help us implement this important project to overhaul the trains EJ675 are the Ukrainian producers", - said Frank buresh.

He also said that the company's specialists have already prepared appropriate calculations and a preliminary analysis of the feasibility of such repairs.

"I am Sure, if we can persuade Skoda to share their drawings, repair techniques and key components, we will be able to fix the trains here in Ukraine," summed up Frank buresh.

help: Train EJ675 Skoda City Elephant consists of six double-Decker carriages on 636 sites (46 first class, second class 590). The train is designed for speed of 160 km/h

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