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UK to lose over £ 18bn due to Huawei sanctions

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The Chinese company said that the US administration had a direct impact on the UK economy, ending UK leadership in 5G.

UK to lose over £ 18bn due to Huawei sanctions
Фото: Вице-президент Huawei Виктор Чжан

Banning and removing Huawei from UK 5G networks by 2027 threatens to severely delay operators' plans to roll out 5G, negatively impacting the UK economy's plans to lead in mobile technology. This is stated in a report from the Assembly Research Center, commissioned by Huawei.

In particular, the document says that the UK will lose at least £ 18.2 billion due to London's decision regarding a three-year delay in the deployment of 5G networks.

“Removing Huawei equipment by 2027 will further delay rollouts and increase costs for the UK economy,” the report says.

Over the past 12 months, UK mobile operators have made significant progress in deploying 5G infrastructure, giving the country a strong economic outlook. However, as a result of continued US pressure and recent sanctions, this deployment will slow down in the future, affecting industrial efficiency, global competitiveness, and the associated economic benefits of global 5G leadership.

Of the £ 18.2bn economic impact resulting from a three-year delay of some £ 10bn, productivity gains will be lost entirely. In a scenario where the UK is the world leader in 5G, the mobile sector will miss out on about £ 4.7 billion and related industries will lose about £ 2 billion.

“This new study shows how the US administration directly affected the UK economy by ending UK leadership in 5G, holding the country back from realizing its economic potential for years to come,” said Victor Zhang, Vice President of Huawei. p>

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