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State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine presented the concept of energy prosumerism


After the implementation of such a concept, any consumer of electricity can simultaneously be its producer by generating "clean" energy for their own needs.

State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine presented the concept of energy prosumerism

Chaired by the acting Konstantin Gura, Chairman of the State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine, held the second meeting of the Working Group on the legislative regulation of energy generation from renewable sources for own consumption.

“Distributed generation and the creation of a prosumer segment are important components for the sustainable development of the energy sector. We are talking about a new mechanism for net metering, which is already used in the world - Net Energy Metering. It provides for the production of energy from renewable sources for our own needs with the possibility of supplying excess energy to the grid with its subsequent consumption at a convenient time, "said Konstantin Gura.

Deputy Chairman of the State Energy Efficiency Yuri Shafarenko presented the concept of Net Energy Metering, developed taking into account world experience, proposals of the Working Group members and which will become the basis for the corresponding draft law.

The idea of ​​Net Metering is to create conditions for business entities and households to become prosumers: that is, they generate and consume electricity from renewable energy sources without a “green” tariff in the amount that will meet their own needs. This will allow them to be more energy efficient, save energy costs and reduce their environmental impact.

To enable consumers to use this system, members of the Working Group reviewed a number of changes to existing legislation.

How does Net Metering work?

  • If the consumer has produced less energy than consumed, then the difference is paid at the current consumption rate.
  • If the prosumer has produced more energy than it has supplied to the grid, then this excess energy can be used in the following periods.
  • Yuri Shafarenko explained that such a distributed power generation mechanism exists in many countries of the world and has a number of advantages.

Representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, NKREKP, Ukrenergo, State Enterprise "Guaranteed Buyer", Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy, Association of Solar Energy of Ukraine, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, CJSC Kirovogradoblenergo, KNESS companies took part in the discussion ENERGY "," Atmosphere "," GetMarket "and others.

The discussion on the proposed concept was very constructive and dynamic. The members of the Working Group noted the need for a Net Energy Metering mechanism and agreed on most of the issues.

At the same time, it was decided to further study such issues as the maximum installed capacity of the consumer's generating installation and the terms of payment for imbalances.

Help :

The term "prosumer" belongs to the American futurist Alvin Toffler, author of The Third Wave. It is believed that the definition is derived from the words "producer" and "consumer". But there is another interpretation: the combination of the words "consumer" (consumer) and "professional user" (professional user).

Both versions imply the active participation of consumers in the process of creating the goods and services that they need. The phenomenon itself, blurring the boundaries between buyers and manufacturers, is called "prosumerism".

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