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Ukrainian and German companies agreed to cooperate in the field of "green" hydrogen


In addition to issues of production, storage and transportation of "green" hydrogen, the companies agreed to cooperate in the production and supply of Ukrainian biomethane to the EU.

Ukrainian and German companies agreed to cooperate in the field of "green" hydrogen

President of MHP Eco Energy Alexander Dombrovsky and Director of the German company Ellmann Engineering Raik Ellmann signed a Memorandum of Strategic Partnership in the Biological Methanization of Green Hydrogen project.

The parties plan to work both on research and implementation of the developed technologies in practice. This will provide an opportunity to get the first pilot projects in Ukraine and the EU, which can then be multiplied in industrial use.

“The technology of biological methanization of“ green ”hydrogen will help to significantly increase the production of“ clean ”energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and replace fossil fuels, including imported ones. These are innovative tendencies that are in line with the European Green Deal and are a prerequisite for the global energy transition, ”said Alexander Dombrovsky, President of MHP Eco Energy, during the official ceremony of signing the memorandum.

The signing of the Memorandum took place among representatives of the State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine, specialized associations and the scientific community.

“It is important that the business of the two countries is already starting cooperation in such urgent innovative areas as the development of a hydrogen economy, the use of biomethane. I am convinced that this is a start for specific developments and pilot projects in these areas. Other companies should follow the example and master the promising areas of the world's energy future, ”said Yuri Shafarenko, Deputy Chairman of the State Energy Efficiency Agency, at the signing ceremony.

The beginning of the partnership is more relevant than ever, because in the summer of 2020 both countries signed the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership, incl. in hydrogen and "clean" energy.

Hydrogen energy is a promising area for Ukraine, which has been identified as a priority partner of the EU in this area. This is due to the significant potential for the production of "green" hydrogen.

Having all the chances to integrate into the hydrogen plans of Europe, the corresponding work is already underway in Ukraine. The Ministry of Energy, State Energy Efficiency and UNECE, with the active participation of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, developed a study of the possibilities of production and use of hydrogen in Ukraine.

Biomethane is another important area for reducing dependence on natural gas. The potential for biomethane production in Ukraine reaches 7.8 billion cubic meters per year. This is more than 30% of the total annual gas consumption in the country.

“Together with BAU, we have developed a draft law to create favorable conditions for the development of the production and use of biomethane in Ukraine, as well as for the export of biomethane to the EU,” explained Y. Shafarenko.

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