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AVEVA Helped Saint Petersburg Mining University to Create Unified Process Modeling Environment

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Solutions of a global leader in industrial software empowered engineering design and learning at the University


Moscow, November 1, 2021Saint Petersburg Mining University has implemented a project to create new research areas for the Educational and Scientific Center for Digital Technologies (SCDT). Within the initiative Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has created a few educational spaces based on software platform of AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software. AVEVA PRO/II Simulation, AVEVA Dynamic Simulation, and ROMeo Process Optimization solutions were used to build a modern unified modeling environment, which provides versatile collaboration capabilities for University departments. In addition, several digital projects for industrial companies have been successfully implemented.

Today dynamic simulation technologies are widely used in the mining industry along with automation, machine learning and AI. Simulation makes it possible to safely perform virtually to make right decisions. Specialists do not need to experiment on the real asset, they only analyze its data. According to SCDT internal research, 92% of student research projects at St Petersburg Mining University are done by means of dynamic modeling methods. Previously, each department used different software to create the models and there was a lack of data integration, which prevented seamless collaboration and expertise sharing.

AVEVA PRO/II Simulation offers comprehensive library of components, thermodynamics and physical property data, and straight-forward interface. With AVEVA Dynamic Simulation, users can translate a steady-state AVEVA PRO/II Simulation into a running dynamic simulation to eliminate tedious data re-entry, and preserve the thermodynamic methods that they trust. With ROMeo Process Optimization, they can monitor performance deviations and detect gross errors, automatically determine optimum setpoints to maximize efficiency and transfer them to control systems. Together, all three solutions have helped to integrate process simulation models and data reconciliation of all University departments and into a multifunctional single environment.

“For us, the most precious asset is the people we train. With software platforms such as AVEVA, we have been able to create the foundation for cultivating a new wave of students with a higher level of processes and equipment understanding, as well as experience and knowledge in dynamic simulation. The laboratories and equipment are always open so anyone, from a professor to a student, can come and carry out the necessary projects and improve their competence,” tells Natalia Koteleva, Associate Professor, Automation Department, Project Manager, Saint Petersburg Mining University. “The introduction of the AVEVA dynamic simulation platform is a significant contribution to our centre evolution and has allowed our researchers and students to immerse more deeply in the issues they face.”

“Recently we have seen an increase in demand for predictive analytics and dynamic modelling, that is tools that help make decisions in situations of uncertainty” says Alexey Lebedev, AVEVA Vice President, Russia and Eastern Europe. “The AVEVA dynamic simulation software enables staff and students at the Mining University to solve various problems in the engineering, performance, management and operations efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively. We are pleased that the Educational and Scientific Center for Digital Technologies has been able to create a comfortable learning environment and a basis for new research projects using our software.”

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