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Metalloinvest shared its approaches to doing responsible business at the Sustainable Development. Profitable together "

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Metalloinvest has acted as a Strategic Partner of the Sustainable Development. Profitable Together ”, organized by the Forbes Congress. Company representatives shared with the event participants their approaches to doing responsible business.

Deputy General Director for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications of Metalloinvest Yulia Mazanova noted that the three basic principles of the Company's strategy are quality, ecology and partnership. Keeping these ingredients in balance is important.

“We pay great attention to the development of our employees, ensuring decent working conditions and quality of life for employees and their families. At the same time, we flexibly respond to ongoing changes and new challenges. Last year, business became a support for the territories in solving key tasks of ensuring the safety of employees and residents. The company not only invested about 2 billion rubles in equipping medical institutions in the regions, but also connected its own medical service and supply service to study each position, search for the best offers, receive additional discounts, and reduce delivery times. We conducted training webinars on the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 for doctors of state and corporate medical organizations with the participation of leading specialists from federal medical centers, ”said Yulia Mazanova.

At the session "Environmental and Climate Risks: What Can the Current Crisis Teach Us?" Yuri Gavrilov, Director for Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Metalloinvest, noted that the Company is working to reduce its own emissions, while producing high-quality products that reduce the environmental impact of partners and consumers.

“Within the framework of the Climate Strategy, we have formulated a plan of specific actions until 2025, which will allow us to achieve a reduction in direct and indirect energy emissions of greenhouse gases by 1.8%, indirect non-energy emissions by 25% in relation to the level total emissions in 2019. To ensure that we are moving in the right direction, we hired external consultants as part of our strategy development. Moreover, we carried out an independent international verification of these emissions, which became the basis for us for further steps. "

Metalloinvest is the world's largest producer of commercial HBI and the only one in Russia and the CIS. The use of these products is one of the most promising trends in the development of the world metallurgy.

“In the production of DRI and HBI, natural gas is used, which we plan to gradually replace with hydrogen, while improving the quality of products. This is an incentive that will allow us to remain competitive in a market with increasing demands, ”emphasized Yuri Gavrilov.

In the forum “Sustainable Development. Profitable Together ”was attended by representatives of Metalloinvest, Russian and international companies, non-governmental organizations, non-profit and charitable institutions, government bodies, specialized associations and unions.

Forum participants discussed technologies and innovations for sustainable development, prospects for greening the financial system, environmental and climatic risks, maintaining a balance between emergency measures and the continuation of ongoing projects.

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