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Mikhailovsky GOK started the pilot production of premium pellets for metallization

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Mikhailovsky GOK started the pilot production of premium pellets for metallization

Mikhailovsky GOK in the name of A. V. Varichev of the company "metalloinvest" has started pilot production of iron ore pellets premium quality (DR-grade) intended for subsequent metallization – production and prjamovosstanovlennogo hot briquetted iron (HBI/DRI).

Trial batch of the new pellets put on the Lebedinsky GOK and Oskol electric steel works (OEMK) of the Company and successfully pass the industrial test in the production of HBI and DRI.

According to the results of industrial tests to be determined technical and economic indicators of production of DR-grade pellets. On their basis a decision will be made on the production of commercial batches of new products.

the total iron Content in the pellets is approximately 68%, the level of harmful impurities - silica, and sulfur is very low: 1.4% and 0,003% respectively, which meets the requirements of the world market for high quality DR-grade pellets.

the Production of DR-grade pellets at Mikhailovsky GOK is the result of development in the plant production of high quality concentrate by flotation. Specialists of Mikhailovsky GOK in the course of a series of laboratory tests has developed the technology to produce flotation concentrate with iron content of over 71% and silica ≈ 1 % of the raw materials supplied from Lebedinsky GOK. As a result of industrial tests in the flotation circuit flotation successfully produced iron ore concentrate in the planned volume and with the planned expenditure ratio. In the future, the pelletizing plant was developed the technology of producing iron ore pellets for metallization process of the flotation concentrate.

Production of DR-grade pellets – part of a comprehensive program to improve the quality of iron ore products of Mikhailovsky GOK.

"the challenge Before us is to bring products of the highest world League, - noted the head of the program, the Director of the Department of mining production metalloinvest Rinat Ismagilov. – Previously, the pellets of Mikhailovsky GOK was used in blast furnaces, and with improving the quality they will be in demand for the production of metallized raw materials. Our premium product is involved in a more "green" chains of steel production. In the production of DRI/HBI, energy savings is up to 50% compared to smelting iron. Greenhouse gas emissions below 60%".

In the framework of the complex program of development of the Mikhailovsky GOK is also the implementation of other projects. In 2019 at the processing plant implemented the technology of fine screening Derrick, which allowed to produce in 2019 1.2 million tonnes of concentrate of higher quality (in 2020-2021 years for sections with thin grating is made of more than 3.7 million tons per year). Launched the second phase of the project thin grating - shell construction of the beneficiation of iron ore, which will allow c 2022 to produce about 16.4 million tonnes of high quality concentrate, including 8.8 million tonnes of flotation concentrate with Fe content of 70%. Is the modernization of roasting machines for the pelletizing plant aimed at increasing productivity, improving quality and expanding the range of iron ore products.

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