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MMSK metallurgists repaired a 140-ton copper smelting unit

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MMSK metallurgists repaired a 140-ton copper smelting unit

Mednogorsk (Orenburg region)

In the copper smelting shop of Mednogorsk MSK (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex), the Pobeda smelting unit has been overhauled.

The Pobeda smelting unit is intended for processing shaft furnace matte, copper concentrate, clinker and other copper-containing materials in order to obtain recycled slag and rich mass (matte). The main task of the repair was to renew the tuyere zone - the part of the smelting unit that is most susceptible to thermal stress. It replaced four bottom tuyeres, which are undergoing pilot testing. Also, the dismantling and installation of hatches of four sections was carried out and the front apron was replaced. In total, the list of works included 13 items.

The staff of the overhaul workshop (CKR) was involved at the facility. Defective lining was dismantled and new lining was installed by the employees of the copper smelting shop. The necessary spare parts, including a set of bottom tuyeres, were manufactured by the specialists of the Central Commission for the Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the chief mechanic of the copper smelting shop Sergei Zaitsev, three scheduled repairs of the Pobeda smelting unit are carried out per year: two current ones with the repair and restoration of individual parts of the unit in accordance with the defective list and one major, providing for the repair and replacement of individual parts and complete relining of the unit.

It should be noted that the Pobeda smelting unit is a key object in the development of new technologies: the supply of oxygen-enriched blast, as well as the smelting-converting of polymetallic raw materials.

- Experimental- industrial tests of copper-containing raw materials smelting on oxygen blast using bottom tuyeres with a protective shell. The technology of bottom blowing of the melt is a more economical way of processing raw materials by eliminating its agglomeration (briquetting) and using oxygen blast, - said the head of the copper smelting shop Emil Aznabaev.

We add that this year the copper smelting shop was produced repair of two shaft furnaces, the "Pobeda" smelting unit, converters No. 2 and No. 3. In fact, all copper-smelting furnaces and units of the reduction smelting and converting section of the MPC received an additional margin of safety due to the renewal of units and mechanisms. The total costs included in the repair fund of the MMSK in 2021 will amount to 465 million rubles. For 9 months, during the repair work in the copper-smelting shop, about 290 million rubles were spent.

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