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MMK spent about 9 billion rubles on the environment in 2018

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The main direction of investments in environmental safety was the capital construction of environmental structures. For these purposes, 5.845 billion rubles were spent last year. In general, the Environmental Program of PJSC MMK for 2018 included 84 measures in the main areas of environmental protection: - 45 measures to reduce and prevent emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere; - 26 measures to reduce and prevent discharges of pollutants into water bodies; - 13 measures for the disposal and environmentally sound disposal of waste, land reclamation. In accordance with the Environmental Program of MMK in 2018, 69 technical measures of varying degrees of complexity were carried out; work on 15 projects will continue in 2019. Among the main environmental measures of the past year, one can single out the construction of aspiration systems for foundry yards and bunker rooms for blast furnace No. 1; construction of an aspiration system for the bunker room of blast furnace No. 2; reconstruction of the circulating water supply system with the expansion of the cooling tank, which made it possible to stop the flow of wastewater into the Magnitogorsk reservoir; construction of a plant for the enrichment of iron-containing tailings of sludge storage No. 2, capable of processing up to 2 million tons of industrial waste annually with the production of 500 thousand tons of concentrate with an iron content of up to 59%. this year. The new sinter plant with a capacity of 5.5 million tons of sinter per year, equipped with modern environmental facilities, will meet the best available technologies. These facilities include 15 gas treatment facilities, two sinter gas recirculation systems, a circulating water supply system, and a sludge disposal unit for sulfur trapping units. The total investment in the environmental facilities of sinter plant No. 5 will amount to 5 billion rubles. PJSC MMK pays great attention to comprehensive work on the use of industrial waste in its own production and reclamation of the worked-out pits of Magnitnaya Mountain. In 2018, over 11 million tons of metallurgical slags were processed. The metal part is extracted from them, crushed slag and granulated slag are obtained. The remaining waste from metallurgical production is used in the reclamation of the worked-out pits of the Magnitnaya mountain. In the worked-out Western quarry of the mountain from 2012 to 2017, the first stage of reclamation was carried out on an area of ​​154 thousand square meters. m. Formed a fertile layer, planted green spaces and perennial grasses. In total, 5.6 thousand tree seedlings and 5.9 thousand shrubs have been planted since 2012. In 2018, work was carried out to care for green spaces planted as part of the first stage of reclamation. Also, work continued on the second stage of reclamation; on an area of ​​94.7 thousand sq. The fertile layer has been prepared for planting green spaces. In addition, MMK is participating in a large-scale greening project in Magnitogorsk. In 2018, a total of 2,600 birches, maples, mountain ash and spruces, as well as 3,250 cotoneaster seedlings were planted on the territory of parks, squares, educational institutions of Magnitka at the expense of the plant. When planning long-term and sustainable development, PJSC MMK always pays great attention to issues of ensuring environmental safety and improving the environmental management system. The company's production activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of environmental protection and the international standard ISO 14001: 2015. As part of the Company's Development Strategy for the period up to 2025, MMK is implementing the “Clean City” strategic initiative, which aims to reduce the integrated air pollution index of Magnitogorsk to 5 units by 2025 (corresponds to the “Clean City” concept) and achieve technological standards for environmental impact. environment corresponding to the best available technologies recommended for implementation in Russia. MMK's total investment in environmental projects until 2025 will exceed RUB 38 billion. Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK
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