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Residential complex of Yekaterinburg again entered the TOP of the LCD Russia

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Residential complex of Yekaterinburg again entered the TOP of the LCD Russia

the Ministry of construction of Russia has published the results of the annual Federal urban planning competition "Award, the TOP LCD": one of the major Russian competitions in the field of housing construction, established by the National Association of home builders, chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs.

772 Builder from 74 regions of the Russian Federation submitted 1 155 residential complexes. They're being judged more than 400 experts for 17 groups of parameters taken from the Standard integrated development of territories developed by the Ministry and the Corporation "HOME.Of the Russian Federation" (accessibility, provision of social infrastructure, architecture, organization of the yard, etc.).

In the finals 537 438 LCD from Russian developers. Among absolute winners included residential complex "Makarov" which builds in Yekaterinburg, the company "UGMK-Builder". The jury awarded 1 place in Russia in the category "high construction". LCD "Makarov" also was voted "the Best residential complex in the Sverdlovsk region". In the category "Best apartment complex-new building" LCD "Makarov" shared the third place award with Tyumen project is one of the leading national developers.

"We are grateful to the distinguished experts for the high appreciation, and are happy to share the victory with a development company, which is present on the market for over 15 years. This is a very strong member of the Federal real estate market, and become a winner on a par with him, despite the fact that we, as a developer, there are only 3 years – a great achievement. It is also important that the results of the competition prove to the whole country as well-developed market of the Urals. Among the four winners, only one from Moscow and the rest of Ekaterinburg, Tyumen and Ufa. Also we are very pleased that the results of the competition published on the official website of the Ministry of construction of Russia", - said the head of development projects "UMMC-Builder" Eugene Mordovin. "UMMC Developer builds according to the same standards. LCD "upper" - like "little brother "Makarov" has absorbed almost all the features of our first project: fitness club with swimming pool, finish white box, underground heated Parking, green courtyard on the roof of the Parking playgrounds of wood, author's design halls, lockers for seasonal items, the Austrian heating system, the Finnish system of pipes, warm loggia and of course the main material of the house – brick. Residential area "the emerald forest" we also gave impressive class comfort characteristics: it will also be a fitness club with swimming pool, main material of the house just brick, there are lockers, architectural design of the halls, architectural lighting of the house just like "Makarov", the concept of "green yard," he said.

Note, in the continuous rating of new buildings ERZ.Russian "Makarov" still occupies the position of the best residential complex of Russia among more than 11 thousand projects.


the Company "UGMK-Builder" builds in Ekaterinburg three major projects business, elite and comfort-plus classes: LCD "upper" LCD "Makarov" and residential district "the emerald forest", which is one of the largest construction projects in the region. The construction company is applying common quality standards and development of infrastructure – in each LCD of the residents will be welcomed in comfortable apartments with modern engineering systems, flowering courtyards, underground and surface Parking, children's play areas with eco-friendly coating, workout and lounge area, fitness center with pool, schools, kindergartens and other conditions for a decent life.

the Residential district business and elite-class "Makarov" company "UMMC-Builder" start to build in 2017. By the end of 2019 was completed I and II phase of the quarter – a luxury house and two multi-home, business-class; construction and delivery of homes, business class III phase will be completed by the end of this year and construction of phase IV will be completed by the end of 2022.

Infrastructure LCD "Makarov"

    • Fitness club with swimming pool GOLD`S GYM Ekateriburg (included in the "Guinness Book of records" as the largest chain of fitness clubs in the world)

      • Family clinic "UMMC-Health"

        • beauty Salon

          • Supermarket

            • Family restaurant "Happy people"

              • Child development center's "World of discovery"

                • wine cellar

                The link to the website of the project: https://makarovsky.pro/
                video about the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dSparNrqys&t=9s

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