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MMK virtual tours: past and present

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Plate mill 4,500 hot rolling, produced by the German company "Krupp" by order of Tsar Nicholas II, in 1914 began its work at the Nikopol-Mariupol plant. At the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he was evacuated to Magnitogorsk at the MMK, where they promptly began production of an armor plate - the country needed special-purpose metal like air. Basically, thanks to this particular camp, over 50 thousand Soviet tanks built during the war years were dressed in Magnitogorsk armor. The labor contribution of the metallurgists of Magnitogorsk to the Great Victory received a worthy assessment - in July of this year, by the decree of the President of Russia, Magnitogorsk was awarded the honorary title “City of Labor Valor”. This is also the merit of the legendary mill 4500.

From a fascinating excursion you can find out that the mill is "working" to this day - its technical characteristics allow it to produce products in demand on the market today. About the history, bridges and ships, as well as why birch brooms are needed in the rolling production - in a new virtual tour of MMK.

As a reminder, in July of this year MMK launched the project “ MMK-Tour. Virtual tours of MMK " .

First virtual excursion was dedicated to the first square of Magnitogorsk - Komsomolskaya, where the MMK central office building is located - the plant management building and the first checkpoint. This format of excursions received a large number of positive responses, which inspires the creation of new tours around MMK.

Information and Public Relations Department of PJSC MMK

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