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OEMK completed overhaul of mill-700

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Oskol electrometallurgical plant named after A.A. Ugarova (part of Metalloinvest) has completed the scheduled overhaul of the billet mill-700 for the production of long products, tubular and square billets with a capacity of 2.4 million tons.

Mill-700 is one of the most significant production facilities of the plant. The uninterrupted supply of rolled metal to the domestic and foreign markets depends on its high-quality and trouble-free operation, therefore it was fundamentally important to carry out the repairs with high quality and on time.

Among the main works that have been carried out are the replacement of a set of bearings in the gearbox of the vertical rolling stand No. 3 of the first group of the continuous billet mill, repair of the upper spindle of the duo-reversing stand "1000" and the foundations of the schleppers of the hot-cutting saw section, replacement of the controller in the technological automation system at the refrigeration section, as well as crane runways in the aisles of the shipping sections and mechanized rack.

On the duo stand and all rolling stands of mill-700, sensors of a stationary system for diagnosing the technical condition of equipment are mounted, which will allow real-time monitoring of the parameters of the equipment. In November, it is planned to work on the installation of switchgear and distribution cabinets for this system, in order to put it into operation by the end of the year.

“This system is designed for automated monitoring and diagnostics of vibration, temperature, shock pulses of technological units, detection of various defects,” said Roman Soldatkin, Deputy Head of Rolling Shop No. 1 for Equipment of OEMK named after A.A. Ugarova. “In the future, all information about the operation of the equipment will be accumulated in the situational-analytical center, which will allow timely detection of malfunctions, systematically and promptly eliminate them, preventing equipment failures”.

“The project was implemented as part of Metalloinvest's corporate program to transform the maintenance and repair system. One of the key objectives of this program is to introduce the principles of reliability and a risk-based approach to equipment maintenance, - said Alexander Yudin, director of equipment for the plant. - In this process, stationary equipment diagnostics systems play an important role, which allow determining the technical condition online, planning repair operations and, accordingly, the costs of those units and assemblies where they are most needed. During the repairs in the first rolling shop, a big step was made in this direction. "

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