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TMK joins the SAP Advisory Board on Digital Metallurgy

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TMK joins the SAP Advisory Board on Digital Metallurgy

Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) took part for the first time in the annual meeting of the Advisory Council for Metals of SAP, held on October 13-14. Joining this advisory body will allow TMK to coordinate efforts to digitize the industry with the world's largest players.

The forum is attended by more than 20 leading companies from Asia, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East that are implementing digital technologies in the metallurgical industry. production. SAP annually holds one face-to-face and several online meetings, at which the leaders of these companies exchange experience in the implementation of IT projects and discuss the key tasks for the digitalization of the industry. This year, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the main meeting was also held remotely. The event was attended by Dmitry Yakob, IT Director of TMK, who presented the current IT landscape of the company and outlined the main business and technological challenges, as well as the current portfolio of digital projects and initiatives.

“TMK actively uses information technologies internally company, as well as in interaction with partners and customers. Joining the community of “digital” metallurgists will give us the opportunity to coordinate our actions with colleagues, share experiences and implement best world practices. So, for example, within the framework of the last Council, a promising industry project was discussed in which our company is taking part - the creation of a blockchain register of quality certificates for metallurgical products. This initiative will help fight counterfeiting and counterfeiting and in the future create a whole ecosystem that will unite the production and commercial process from the supply of raw materials to payment for finished products, ”said Dmitry Yakob.

The development of blockchain technologies has become one of the priorities for the industry following the Council meeting last year. The meeting participants also highlighted such promising areas for the development of IT technologies as the creation of universal e-commerce systems that combine online resources for buyers and an order tracking system, ensuring employee safety and quality management.

TMK joined the SAP Advisory Board on digital metallurgy

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