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Metalloinvest purchases tomographs for Gubkin and Stary Oskol hospitals

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Metalloinvest allocated over 100 million rubles for the purchase of CT scanners for the Gubkinsky central regional hospital and the Stary Oskol district hospital of St. Luke of Crimea.

Acting Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov, General Director of Metalloinvest Management Company Nazim Efendiev, First Deputy General Director - Production Director of Metalloinvest Management Company Andrey Ugarov, Managing Director of Lebedinsky GOK Oleg Mikhailov and Managing Director of Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant named after A.A. Ugarova Sergey Shishkovets.

A Hitachi multislice X-ray computed tomograph was purchased for the Gubkinsky central district hospital, which provides minimal radiation exposure to the patient and has a high speed of operation and quality of the diagnostic image. The highly informative method enables specialists to identify diseases and pathologies with almost one hundred percent accuracy.

An 80-slice Canon computer tomograph was installed in the Stary Oskol district hospital of St. Luke of Crimea. It possesses a high research accuracy and allows obtaining a high-quality three-dimensional image of the desired organ with different exposures. Thanks to advanced imaging technologies and high performance of the new equipment, it became possible not only to accurately determine the location, length and nature of foci of diseases, but also to reduce the duration of the examination.

The Starooskolsky tomograph is installed in a separate specialized modular building with an area of ​​172 sq. m, the construction of which was also financed by Metalloinvest. Inside the premises there is a dressing room, a reception, a treatment room, an operator's room, a radiologist's office, and a staff room. It is planned to admit up to 150 patients per day.

“Many thanks to the Company for helping the residents of the region, - said Vyacheslav Gladkov. - Such effective interaction between government, business and society is worth a lot. I hope we will continue our correct work. "

“Metalloinvest has been providing systemic assistance to healthcare institutions for many years. But this year, support is being provided on an unprecedented scale and in the shortest possible time, ”commented Nazim Efendiev. - The Company's contribution to healthcare in the regions where it operates has exceeded 2 billion rubles, including 600 million rubles - investments in medical institutions in the Belgorod Region.

“The acquisition of a modern tomograph for the Stary Oskol district hospital of St. Luke of Crimea is another link in the complex of measures that Metalloinvest is taking to protect the life and health of all residents of the district,” said Sergei Shishkovets, Managing Director of OEMK im. A.A. Ugarova. “Now doctors in Stary Oskol have the opportunity to provide more prompt and high-quality care to those in need.”

With the support of Metalloinvest, medical institutions in the region also purchased ventilators, an ambulance and ambulances, blood gas analyzers, oxygen concentrators, masks for non-invasive lung ventilation, patient monitors, infusion syringe pumps, medical waste disinfection systems, medications , personal protective equipment and disinfection for medical personnel. In Stary Oskol, Gubkin and Belgorod, diagnostic laboratories of clinical immunology have been opened, where tests for the presence of coronavirus infection are carried out.

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