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Ordering traffic light racks

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Ordering traffic light racks

It is difficult to imagine a carriageway without traffic lights located in special places on the road. They fulfill an important function as they control traffic. To mount the traffic light, you will need special traffic light poles . These are metal structures with a number of advantages - aesthetically pleasing appearance and ease of installation.

Design features of traffic light poles

Not only traffic lights can be mounted on racks. They are also designed for the installation of video surveillance systems or road signs. Traffic light columns can be of two types. There are pedestrian and transport models of racks.

The vertically installed support provides a special hatch at the bottom of the structure, in which the necessary equipment is installed for work. The cable can be laid in several ways - above ground or underground. If necessary, you can mount a traffic light stand with an L-shaped outboard console.

How to install traffic light racks

The editing process itself does not cause any difficulties. If an outrigger console needs to be installed, secure it to the post with strong bolts. In this case, the structure must be mounted on a pipe embedded part. This process is carried out using a flange.

For the purpose of long-term operation, a special anti-corrosion coating is applied to the traffic light columns from above. This is made possible by the hot-dip galvanizing method. Thus, the racks proposed for implementation have high performance characteristics, strength, reliability, and reliability in operation.

Where to buy traffic light stands

If you are faced with the task of purchasing a batch of traffic light racks, you can contact the specialists of the Ural plant of metal structures Umecon. They offer a wide range of services in the production of steel structures and power transmission towers. Here you can order a batch of products in any volume. For a detailed study of the terms of cooperation and services, you can contact the specialists on the plant's website.

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