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Residential complex "Nagorny" became the winner of the federal prize Urban Awards 2021

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Residential complex "Nagorny" became the winner of the federal prize Urban Awards 2021

The Nagorny business-class residential complex, which is being built in Yekaterinburg by the developer UGMK-Zastroyshchik, won the prestigious federal Urba Awards 2021 in two nominations at once: The Best Regional Business Class Residential Complex, The Best Improvement Concept and infrastructure in the high-budget segment "(regional classification).

The Federal Urba Awards has been identifying the best new buildings in Russia for 13 years already. Over the years, it has become a sign of quality and a guarantee of reliability for developers and their projects, because one of the key objectives of the award is the development and improvement of quality development standards in Russia, as well as helping buyers choose housing.

In 2021 the award brought together a record number of participants: 205 projects from 115 developers from 34 regions of the Russian Federation.

“Today's victory is important for us because it once again shows that the development standards of UGMK-Zastroyschik really allow us to build the best residential projects in region and country, according to experts. It is no coincidence that this year "Nagorny" won another major award - "TOP ZhK - 2021" from ERZ.RF: it was recognized as the best new building in the Sverdlovsk region. We would like to thank the competition jury and our buyers for their high appraisal and trust, ”noted Evgeny Mordovin, head of development projects at UGMK-Zastroyshchik. and Nagornaya. The first stage of the Nagorny residential complex - a three-section building with variable number of storeys and part of a shopping gallery - was commissioned by UMMC-Developer in October 2020. Now the second stage is being actively built: sections 2.1 and 2.2 (the developer plans to put them into operation by the end of this year), as well as section 2.3: a 24-storey building for 120 comfortable apartments. At the same time, Section 2.6 is being built - the second part of the office gallery.

From many new buildings in the city The quarter compares favorably with high-quality and reliable building materials (base monolith and solid brick walls), unique architectural lighting, engineering systems of European manufacturers, high ceilings and panoramic windows in apartments. In the space of the quarter, the concept of an always blooming courtyard is implemented, made by one of the leading landscape bureaus in Russia - the Gree Park company. In the courtyard area, there are children's playgrounds designed according to an individual project with an environmentally friendly coating of sea pebbles, a private playground, workout and lounge areas, and bicycle parking. All these amenities are organically complemented by the infrastructure in the form of a single reception area, a lobby bar, a restaurant and a premium fitness center with a swimming pool. Our own management company is responsible for the comfort of living and the provision of first-class service, which continuously ensures order, uninterrupted functioning of the ecosystems of the residential area and safety.

At the reception of the residential complex "Nagorny" you can order the services of a professional dry cleaner, housemaster, cleaning service, ROOM-Servise, arrange the delivery of food, flowers and even air tickets. And if necessary, the specialists of the management company will take care of the residents' pets in their absence.

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