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From underground loaders to skyscrapers - UMMC presents its projects at INNOPROM 2021

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From underground loaders to skyscrapers - UMMC presents its projects at INNOPROM 2021

At the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM 2021, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company will present equipment and high-tech products that are in demand in a variety of industries and areas - the cable industry, mechanical engineering, energy, mining. In addition, visitors will be able to take an interactive tour of the new pavilion of the UMMC "Wings of Victory" museum complex, as well as get acquainted with the concept of Yekaterinburg City.

One of the central exhibits of the company's stand is a novelty in 2020 - a loader-haul truck PDM14 UGMK FERRIT (DNK14 UGMK FERRIT) jointly produced by the Shadrinsk Automobile Aggregate Plant (an enterprise of the UMMC machine-building complex) and company FERRIT, bucket capacity of 14 tons. In 2019, at INNOPROM, SHAAZ presented a LHD with a bucket capacity of 10 tons. These machines are used for loading and transporting ore in mines over short distances, in drilling and tunnel construction. PDM14 UGMK FERRIT is traditionally reliable in operation, distinguished by functionality, quick and easy access to units. Three such mine loaders are already operating at the UMMC underground mines. The nearest plans include putting into operation a LHD with a bucket carrying capacity of 17 tons.

AO Uralelectromed (an enterprise of the UMMC metallurgical complex) will acquaint the exhibitors with a wide range of copper powder products used in electrical engineering, oil and gas industry and mechanical engineering. These are machined bronze plain bearings for oil pumps, manifold plates for traction motors, contacts for low-voltage equipment factories, etc.

Import substitution and uniqueness of the product have become one of the main areas of work for UMMC enterprises for the processing of non-ferrous metals in 2020-2021. - Kirovsky and Revdinsky plants OCM: antimicrobial foil with a sticky CuPRO layer and CuFREEZ pipes made of a high-strength alloy based on copper with the addition of iron, for systems with an environmentally friendly refrigerant. CuPRO helps fight surface pathogens in public spaces. The product has already passed a study at the Research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor of Russia and received a certificate of compliance with GOST R. Enterprises of the transport system, educational institutions, trade and medicine have already announced their interest in purchasing it, and samples have been sent to foreign counterparties. CuFREEZ pipes, in addition to refrigeration units, are also used in electrical engineering and the automotive industry.

Cable Alliance Holding will present cabling and wiring products that are in demand in key industries that are strategically important for the country's economy and security. These are cables for nuclear power plants intended for operation inside the containment area where the reactor is located (LOCA); HoldX wires for solar power plants, which are resistant to high temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, acids and alkalis; as well as NIKI control cables for an object of any complexity, the advantages of which include light resistance, operation and installation range from –60 to + 125 ° С, increased resistance to mechanical stress and aggressive environmental conditions.

At the UMMC stand you can also get acquainted with the latest modification of the new generation aircraft L 410 - L 410 NG. The interactive presentation of the aircraft allows the guests and participants of INNOPROM-2021 to learn in detail the technical characteristics, inspect the cabin and the cockpit of the L 410 NG.

The concept of development of the very center of the Ural capital - Yekaterinburg-City - in the form of an "ecosystem" that allows you to live comfortably, work and spend leisure time without leaving the quarter, will be presented by UMMC-Developer. The architectural feature of Yekaterinburg-City is a solution for

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