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More than seventy artists took part in the mass stage on the layout of the station "Uzlovaya"

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More than seventy artists took part in the mass stage on the layout of the station "Uzlovaya"

Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk Region)

The shooting of one of the central episodes of the feature-documentary film with the working title "Many Years" took place in the Museum Complex of the UMMC, where an exact copy of a small railway station of the wartime is located. p>

The plot is based on the real story of a resident of the city of Nizhnie Sergi, who went missing during the Great Patriotic War. A seriously wounded Red Army soldier who lost his memory was considered dead for a long time. The only remaining memory helped him to return home - the image of a temple in his hometown.

For more than six months the Ural filmmakers have been collecting documentary material. Filming began at the end of July. An episode of the battle was filmed in the swamps near the village of Monetny. And in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, on the territory of the museum's railway exposition, the most popular scene of the film is seeing the Red Army soldiers to the front.

“We have been looking for this location for a very long time, and we were very lucky that the Museum complex met us halfway! We, of course, "invoice", decorate the platform and the carriage itself, but this is necessary "on a frame" basis, but in general, everything is already there. The museum station has a wartime atmosphere. There is a great desire to shoot something else here. There are a lot of interesting things that can be used for filming. For example, I saw an amazing ambulance train! Unfortunately, it is not in our script, "says the film's director Vitaly Koshkin.

The railway exposition includes a station building, several types of trains with genuine steam locomotives and rolling stock of the 1940s: sanitary and passenger cars, tank cars, open platforms with anti-aircraft guns and armored cars on the railroad track. The total area of ​​the open-air exhibition area is more than two hectares.

Background for the scene farewells at the station were a teplushka car, a steam locomotive and a ZIS-5 - "lorry" car. During the filming, the running exhibit was brought to the platform. On the first platform, a resting place was organized for extras, and a medical train carriage was given for the dressing room and requisite rooms. For the sake of cinema, we even had to postpone repairs in this exposition.

“When the Uzlovaya station was just built in our museum, veteran railroad workers came and compared it with a prototype - a station in the small Ural town of Revda. We were surprised how exact a copy was. Unfortunately, there is nothing behind the facade of the station yet. The long-term plans are to recreate the historic interior of the station building. In the next few days, we are starting a complete restoration of the ambulance train, including the steam locomotive itself, two cars and a platform with anti-aircraft guns, ”says Victor Sevostyanov, director of the UMMC Museum Complex.

After Verkhnyaya Pyshma, the group of director Vitaly Koshkin will go to Sergi, where the remaining episodes will be filmed. The central one is dedicated to the local church In the name of St. Prophet John the Baptist, built in 1903. In it, the main character of the film was baptized, thanks to her he was able to find his way home from the war that deprived him of his memory. It is noteworthy that this church is one of the few in Russia where services were not interrupted for a single day, even in the most difficult years for the Russian Orthodox Church.

By September 1, the film "Many Years" will begin its festival life ... The premiere will take place at the Pokrov Film Forum. Next year, the amazing story will hit TV screens.

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