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The exhibits of the UMMC museum were sent to battle

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The exhibits of the UMMC museum were sent to battle

Running exhibits of the UMMC Museum Complex were involved in the reconstruction of the battle of the famous Jassy-Kishinev operation of the Great Patriotic War. The reconstruction was carried out the day before as part of the demonstration program of the military-technical forum "Army-2021", organized by the forces of the Central Military District. To play a tactical episode, two tanks - T-34 and T-70, as well as a motorcycle M-72 - all this is the running technique of the exhibition center "Parade Roster". It contains exhibits of the UMMC Museum Complex, annually, on Victory Day, taking part in the festive procession of the mechanized column. This time, the historical equipment was sent to a demonstration battle. The Yassy-Kishinev operation (August 20 - 29, 1944) is one of the most successful Soviet strategic operations of the USSR Armed Forces, one of the “ten Stalinist strikes”. It ended with the victory of the Red Army troops, the liberation of the Moldavian SSR and the complete defeat of the southern wing of the German front. The tactical episode of this large operation began with the passage of a motorcycle. It was controlled by a participant in the reconstruction, dressed in the uniform of a scout. The M-72 was produced in a large series since 1941 and was actively used in the intelligence units of the Red Army. Following the reconnaissance, two rare tanks entered the tactical field. They were equipped with means of imitation of firing from cannons and machine guns. According to the drawing scenario, one of the tanks was knocked out by an enemy saboteur, but the Red Army reinforcements that came up not only recaptured the immobilized vehicle from the German soldiers, but also went on the offensive. A red flag was hoisted over the enemy fortifications. The light tank T-70 and post-war artillery that came to the Sverdlovsky training ground were demonstrated as part of the static display of the Army-2021 military-technical forum. Upon its completion, the equipment returned to its permanent exhibition places in the UMMC Museum Complex.

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